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UnderstandBetter's Security Promise

UnderstandBetter has quickly become the central place for companies to gather feedback. Ensuring our platform remains secure is a major part of our everyday work, and that comes as the highest priority for our engineering team.

Data Backups

We backup your data every four hours. And all our backups are stored for more than 24 months. So, if there's some data that you will ever need to retrieve, it is safe with us.

Protected Billing Information

All your transactions are protected by state-of-the-art encryption. We rely on Stripe for processing your payments, and we've taken every single measure possible to have your data safe and secure.

HTTPS Protected

All the communications between you and UnderstandBetter is secured using HTTPS. Which means, your most sensitive data is encrypted, to prevent hackers from intercepting the data.

Trusted by Businesses

We've developed some of the industry's most complex systems. Hundreds of business rely on our technology to operate effeciently.