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Your employees will want to answer this.

Pulse surveys should be designed to circumvent problems before they blow up. However, most surveys are just put on a loop hoping to address employee griviences. But not really achieving that. At the end they just bore people.


We capture early indicators of problems and drill down on it. The result? Asking relevant questions that your employees actually want to answer!


Employees can choose to remain anonymous - or not.

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Your managers become supermanagers.

Most survey tools only capture data - they don't tell you what to do with it. The worst part? Only 11% of managers are equipped with the necessary skillset to convert feedback data into action plans. So what do you do with all that data?


Your managers get contextual recommendations about the next plan of action at an individual employee level. Recommendations can be something as simple as take the team out for lunch or a group activity tailor made for the problems your team faces.


A great culture is not built by just fixing issues - it is built by appreciating the good things your team does. On UnderstandBetter send appreciation cards with just a click of a button.

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