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Simple Pricing

Every organization is unique in its own way, and we customize the modules for these unique organizations. Reach out to us to get a custom quote on the pricing.

Here's what you get

Our team of employee engagement experts will help you with the setup and roll-out of UnderstandBetter in your organization. Right from gathering essential information to putting a smile on your face, our team handles it for you.


* Depends on region

In-person management training

In-person training for everyone who would be deeply involved in the company's employee engagement activities.



Our teams runs constant webinars to educate and help people improve their employee engagement quotient. All for free.


Employee Onboarding

When you sign up for UnderstandBetter, our team personally helps everyone come aboard. So there's no hassle for you.



If you believe that the out of the box solution does not fit you. Our engineers will be open for customization.



Regular workshops by industry leaders help you push your company's culture forward to a whole new level.

Uncover the blindspots in your company.

Share your contact information and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

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