Information, Delivered at the right time.

Real-time Analytics

UnderstandEngine empowers managers know the blindspots in real-time.

Intelligent Dashboard

Instantly get what can be improved in the company in under 3 minutes.

No noise analytics

UnderstandEngine's No Noise Analytics provides deep insights without any fluff.

Enterprise Adaptability

Right from architecture to code, everything we build is enterprise ready from day zero.


Your data is encrypted with industry's best encryption methods & is GDPR compliant.

Smart Analytics Touch-point

You've got to use it to believe it. SATS are pointers we use to learn about people.


Integrates with multiple third-party applications without making any major customization.

Anonymity Enabled

When you choose to talk anonymously, every single information about you is ripped off from everywhere.

Powered by UB Engine

UB Engine is state-of-the-art AI engine that understands human emotions.

You deserve UnderstandBetter.

Be the company your employees love. UnderstandBetter helps you transform your company with employee feedback and actionable insights.