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Artificial Intelligence Powered

UnderstandBetter is powered by proprietary A.I. - UnderstandEngine. This means, whatever you are thinking, the platform is also thinking of the same.

State-of-the-art Machine Learning

UnderstandEngine's Machine Learning is one of the most complex systems we've ever written, which helps you know blindspots like never before.


Predictive Analytics

This is Predictive Analytics put to use. The state-of-the-art analytics helps you from people leaving you, and get the cost down unbelievably.


Brilliant Sentimental Analysis

Four years in the making, our sentimental analysis systems are built on top of psychological models and not just based on sentimental analytics based NLP.

Proprietary Recommendation Engine

The recommendation systems that we built for UnderstandBetter gives a tough fight to the likes of Google, Amazon and other players in the industry.

Realtime everything

Every single thing that happens in the system are reported to the dashboard in real-time. There is little to no delay in getting the data.



Right from finding the best timeslots to reminding you to prepare for the one-on-ones, we've got you covered. This is one-on-ones done right.


Realtime Feedback

No more waiting for the appraisal period to get or give feedback about your performance. UnderstandBetter blurs that fine line.


Get your entire company together. Same day, same time, one place. Let them have a real-time Ask me Anything session.

Feedback Requests

Schedule regular meetings and review meetings for your feedbacks. The best of all, everything happens automagically for you.



Good memories brings back the smile on your face. With UnderstandBetter's Memories, put those good memories in front of your team.

Anonymous Responses

Give them the mask and they will tell the truth. Respond to questions anonymously without having to expose your identity.


Realtime Dashboard

Look at your company's mood and analytics in real-time. It's 2018, and our calculations are blazing fast, so your dashboard is real-time, all the time.

Predict employee replacement

UnderstandBetter knows when someone is about to leave your company. And helps you and them understand what the problem is, and fix it if possible.

People productivity analytics

Connect with a ton of third-party applications and know who is productive and what time. Helping you set meetings and reviews at the right time.

Workspace happiness analytics

Unlike other happiness analytics systems, UnderstandBetter's Engine is far more powerful. We take advantage of the psychological models and not just NLP.


Manager Access

Allow different people to manage different roles in the platform. Allow them to edit questions or review them before reports are generated.


From day #0, we've designed the platform to work with a large organization. Thus allowing you to organize your teams into teams and workgroups.

User Access Controls

You don't want everyone to have the same questions and access to the platform? Exploit our Access Control Preferences to make it happen.


Single Sign-on

Allow people to sign-in with your very own Single Sign-on systems, without having to invite them one by one and put them through the hassle of remembering different credentials.


Banking Grade Security

We're super serious about the security of the platform. With secure data centers placed across the world, to encrypting the data, we've got you covered.

HTTPS Enabled

Our API, platform and assets are protected by HTTPS/SSL. This means, the communication you are doing between computer and servers, they're secure.

Encrypted Database

All the data in our data stores are encrypted. Meaning, all the data that comes in and goes out, are securely stored, and no one can/will see it.

120 minute backup cycle

While millions of calculations are happening on our servers every second, every 120 minute, there's a backup of all the data happening in parallel.


Powerful API

Currently, we're exposing our APIs only to our enterprise customers. If you would like to get our API to integrate into your own apps, mail us.

Deep Slack Integration

Many companies use Slack for internal communication. Our partnership with Slack helps us ask the right questions inside slack.

Mailbox Integration

Get feedback whenever people are comfortable providing. Our email integration allows people to just respond to the questions directly.

Hipchat Integration

For people using Hipchat, you don't even have to leave Hipchat to respond to the feedback questions and schedule one-on-ones.

Calendar Integration

Integrate UnderstandBetter with your existing calendar applications to ask you questions and schedule meetings only when you're available.

Uncover the blindspots in your company.

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