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Everything we are doing to extend humane support to you and your team during tough times. #bettertogether

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Free for upto 20 people.

Note from our Director

I never thought we would be in such a pandemic in my life. It is tough to even accept the fact that the world as we know it was flipped over in a matter of weeks. As the new normal sets in, we are making some changes as well. As an existing customer or a potential customer, I wanted to share the changes we're making to our company on the whole.

After being hit by this pandemic, our goal was to optimize our running cost. This means, the more we have our Opex and Capex of our company, the more customers we could help during this time. This process took about two weeks for us to change, and here are the list of changes that I believe will positively affect our customers:

  • Now that we have considerably low opex than before, we are lowering the cost of the paid plans;
  • We are also rallying a bunch of products who could join hands with us to help managers like never before; so as a customer of UnderstandBetter, you get access to discounted prices of other products;
  • We are increasing our focus on sharing resources that would help managers go from good to great;
  • Finally, we have optimized the servers to perform even better and to scale to hundreds and thousands of users per day;

For Q2 2020, this will be our focus, and we will push as hard as we can to help as many managers as possible who need a friend to help with keeping their employees engaged.

I really hope we go back to the new normal soon, and I wish you health and productivity;

- Karthik Kamalakannan

Our Commitment

We are commited to making sure you are succeeding as a person and as a manager in your organization. Our goal is to enable managers with better data for them to make the right decision they can ever make that's best for the business and for their people.


Every manager who rely on UnderstandBetter care for their people the same way we care for our customers. To support you through these tough times, we have now made UnderstandBetter free for teams of up to 20, and dropped the price from $5/user/month to just $2/user/month. That's more than 60% cost reduction on all our paid plans. Basically, we are in this together during this pandemic.

Manager Success Factors

We are also opening up access to our resource library to all the managers on the platform. Many of these resources are byte-sized information that helps you quickly make an informed decision on a situation in your company. We read through hundreds of articles every month for you, and summarize them for you to read within one minute.

Premium support for all

Now, no matter what plan you are in, you will now have access to our premium support team. This means, right from helping you sign up, to sending surveys to your people, we will stay on-call with you for a maximum of one hour, share screen with you to get things done faster. All you have to think about, is what to do with the data and make an informed decision.

Access to partner software

This is the interesting part. We wanted to make sure you have an end-to-end experience using UnderstandBetter. This means, after you gather the feedback from your employees, you need to be able to easily setup a meeting with them, note down the action points and follow-up on those as well. Moreover, you need to gather all of your people's ideas and suggestions for improvements in one single place.

Starting May 2020, we are providing super discounted access to two platforms:

  • HearApp A powerful collaborative meeting notes software for individuals;
  • Hellonext A simple idea and suggestions management platform for companies;

Manage your remote team better.

Free for teams of up to 20 people.

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