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How we work

Being a product that sets the culture for organization, we are incredibly passionate about setting standards our own.  We are made, run and defined by the people we work with and work for and we want to make it their best experience. Everything that we do at UnderstandBetter is geared towards that single goal.

What started out as a pet project at Skcript, is now a company of its own with customers across the world relying on our product to create a better workplace.

The kind of work we do here is not something we take lightly. Two years down the line, when we look back, we know that we would be proud of the journey we are on.


  • Your passion is respected and valued
  • You will not just enable good culture for other companies. You will live it.
  • You set standards that are higher than what already is.
  • Perks are the last thing you should worry about.
  • You do what you're best at, and you will get more than what you expect.
  • You will get everything you need to do your best work.
  • You get to see how companies shift with the work you do.
  • There is no hierarchy but there is transparency in the structure.