What is employee morale? How to handle it?

Morale is the spirit or state of mind which involves feelings and emotions. Employee morale is a description of emotions, satisfaction, and attitude of an employee towards every aspect related to their work and workplace. To say it in simple words if an employee says “I love my job” and that means he/she has high employee morale. The entire organization co-workers, workplace culture, working environment, and managers are responsible for building strong employee morale. Morale is directly proportional to productivity. So it is crucial to keep a track on employee morale which is the fuel that drives success. Scroll down to know more about employee morale.

How to measure employee’s morale?

  • When you find your employees
  • Working with happy faces
  • Passionate
  • Comes forward to solve problems
  • Shares the work of their colleagues
  • Highly engaged
  • Doesn’t stop because of roadblocks
  • Enthusiastic
  • Higher quality work
  • Team spirit
  • A feeling of belongingness with the company
  • Complies with the rules and procedures
  • Adapts to different situations instead of complaining.

These signs show that employees have high employee morale.

When you find your employees

  • Lacking interest in work
  • Long faces
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Tardiness and laziness
  • High employee turnover
  • Increased number of complaints from customers, co-workers, and managers.
  • Lack of coordination with the team
  • Becoming irresponsible and lacking commitment.
  • Less efficiency in work and an increase in blunders.

These signs imply that employees have low employee morale.

You can also use surveys and employee performance records to measure employee morale effectively. If the results are positive, great! Stabilize and enhance it to fetch greater success. Even if you find your employee morale to be low, don’t worry we can fix it quickly by taking a few simple steps. First, let’s see how employee morale impacts growth. Secondly, we will see about the causes of low employee morale and finally about how to fix the issues and enhance employee morale.

Impact of employee morale on growth

“Deeper the roots, greater the fruits.”

I think nothing more than trees can explain the process of growth. When you nurture the roots properly, it succeeds in producing the best fruits. Similarly, the company’s growth also follows the same steps. When you nurture the roots (employees), you will eventually fruit success. Employee morale is the root that branches out further into high-level commitment, pride, loyalty, sincerity, and employee empowerment.

“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”

Yes. It’s the same. You don’t have to fear about the obstacles and challenges when your employees have high employee morale. Employees with high morale stay devoted to the company, no matter how much the other companies pay or provide benefits. They work and genuinely care for the people and the growth of the company.

Sounds great! But what if you find your employees having low employee morale? Here are simple measures you can follow to solve low employee morale at the root level and uplift it to higher employee morale.

Factors that cause low employee morale

  • Even if you are engaged with other important tasks, make sure you don’t ignore these following things to happen.
  • Lack of job security
  • Dissatisfaction with the job or job standards
  • Workload and work stress
  • Poor onboarding
  • Poor leadership.
  • When there is no chance of promotion or no prospects
  • Lack of recognition and sense of achievement
  • Partiality among employees, if work is divided inadequately, and if there is a difference in pay among employees with similar services.
  • Workplace harassment or bullying
  • When the managers keep nitpicking and make a fuss for minor mistakes rather than helping and guiding the employee’s development.

All these lead to employee disengagement. Gallup came up with an estimation that 22 million actively disengaged employees costing the economy around $350 every year due to loss of productivity. Results are more adverse than you think, so be proactive and make sure that these issues are prevented or rectified.

Fixing low employee morale

Even if one of the team members have low employee morale, it can bring down the productivity of the entire team. Follow these steps and make low employee morale impossible at your workplace.

Make communication priority

There needs to be a connection and a feeling of belongingness for the employees with the organization. To create it, there should be proper communication between the employees and the organization. Have friendly talks about communicating efficiently. Help and address their issues then and there. Make your managers often interact and spend time with them to bring in an understanding and affinity. Be transparent. Ensure that every employee is clear with the company goals so that everyone works together as a family to achieve it.

Recognize and appreciate

“People who work in an environment where doing their best is recognized have a better chance of feeling good about their work.”

– Marilyn Suttle

Money helps for the living, but recognition & appreciation adds value to life. When you recognize your employee’s work, they get work satisfaction which is vital for every worker whereas unrecognized hard work deprives employee morale acutely. Recognition boosts employee’s confidence level and guides them in the right direction. Appreciation and a heartfelt “Thank you” every time an employee does good work will go a long way. Tell your employees how their work helped in getting the job done, how it helped with saving money and time. You can also reward them with awards and perks to encourage and acknowledge their contribution.

Remove toxicity from the workplace

Toxicity in the workplace will bring down the employee morale quicker than anything else. Toxicity includes underperforming employees, unreasonable workload, stress sickness among employees, employees lacking consistency with the rules and policies, non-supportive and incompetent leadership.

So these are the red flags that you need to deal with, find the underlying reasons for the problems, plan a repair strategy which will help you regain employee’s interest and foster employees performance. When you remove toxicity, a positive workplace is created which will automatically uplift your employee’s productivity.

Encourage continuous feedback

You may get easily frustrated when you deal over things you don’t understand. But feedback allows you to learn, understand and avoid confusion. Show your employees that you are always open to feedback.

Don’t forget to act on the feedback you receive. So when you address your employees issues, chances of them being less productive or disengaged becomes rare which ultimately increases employee morale.

Make the workplace employee’s favorite place

Two factors influence your employees to love the workplace. They are team and management. When employees love their club and management, foster employees to stay focused and help them work with their whole self.

Team: Team plays a vital role in deciding the employee morale. When there is no harmony in the team, then it leads to poor performance and poor results. Offer your employees to spend unofficial hours with their colleagues. This way they get to know about each other’s values and beliefs. And when they share common beliefs or values, they easily develop a secure connection with their co-workers.

Team building activities can also improve employee morale to a great extent.

“We regularly participate in team events outside the office like 5K runs, volunteering and team celebrations. These activities enable everyone to take a break from the “9 to 5″ to deepen relationships with their teams. Getting to know each other on a personal level enhances trust, empathy, and collaboration, which translates back to the office environment.”

~ Michael Kurland, Branded Group Inc

So make sure that you build a team which is more like a family.


Managers got to be trained in things like emotional intelligence, mentoring and communication as it is one of their responsibilities to improve or sustain employee morale. As a result of the training, you will find a drastic increase in morale which will make the workplace more enjoyable and productive.


Altogether the main theme of improving employee morale is taking good care of the employees. These steps may seem small but when done in series with consistency, it will bring an array of benefits that will act as a great support in the long haul.

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