How is UnderstandBetter's UX designed?

The design of UnderstandBetter has been iterated so many times, that I have lost count of it. But with every iteration, we have improved the user experience. Why is design important for a product like ours? Why did we undergo so many iterations?

The design of your product is going to define the UX of your product. The first step is to do user research.

User research of the platform UnderstandBetter:

  1. The target audience for the user research:
  2. No. of Target users to perform the user research
  3. Takeaways from the research
    1. Understand the user story
    2. Understand from the conversation,
      1. Who is the user?
      2. What does the user need?
      3. Why they need it?
  4. A detailed report of the research
    1. Frustrations in the process (without the platform)
    2. Motivation to use the platform
    3. Goals to be achieved with the use of the platform
    4. User experience

User experience:

The manner in which the user interacts with the system, whether they are able to use it with ease and if their need to use the product is satisfied are the things under consideration.

In our platform, metrics are very important. Representing all those data in the right form and using the right colors becomes very important. All the important metrics that needs immediate attention uses brighter color whereas the positive metrics are more on the subtle tone.

  • Grouping: More than one metric can be of the same family. When they are scattered across the platform, the user will tend to ignore or fail to notice them.  Identify and group them together.
  • Prioritisation: As the next step, prioritize the data/metrics that the user will need. User research can help here to identify the data that the user will need on daily basis.
  • Unifying the design language: Use the same design language across the platform. Over a period of time, the user will identify important data unconsciously as they get used to the color and design.

Providing a good user experience is important to our product, as the platform provides crucial information for the primary user to act on. Any small mishap can lead to loss of valuable data and will not be able to notify the primary user about it.

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