What are the big benefits of an engaged employee

Engaged employees are far more crucial to a company than we think. They are the ones who stay that extra hour to get things done, work for the product beyond their job role without expecting any personal gains, and learn new things for the better.

Usually, an engaged employee helps push the company forward. They are the ones who help in revenue growth, profitability, quality and a happy workplace.

Here are some more pointers where an engaged employee contributes to the company:

  • An engaged employee helps drive innovation at work. They perform more than what they are expected to do.
  • They spread good energy around them. Which could lead to a ripple effect in the company’s culture.
  • They are passionate about their work, and will not mind going that extra mile to make sure they get their work done.
  • Gallup’s report acknowledges that engaged employees were 18% more productive and 12% more profitable to the company than the others.
  • AON reports that companies with highly engaged employees showed 23% better revenue growth.
  • They love their job. And they work hard.

Of course, these are some important benefits of an engaged employee. The list could be much larger from your perspective.

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