Ways to engage your millennial employees

By 2020, millennial are expected to make up to 50% of the global workforce. Making sure they are engaged at work is going to be tricky and crucial.

As of May 2016, Gallup reports that just 29% of millennial are engaged at work. But, engaging these millennial are not really that difficult. It is just a matter of understanding their language, their connection to technology and giving them what they grew up with.

Frequent feedback

Frequent and real-time feedback on their positives and areas of improvement are completely necessary. A real-time feedback system pushes them to move ahead in their career.

Give them what they want

People exit companies when they feel underused. Everyone wants to grow in their career and their professional development.

A clear cut career structure is really important for people to know before they join the company. Cisco Systems has instructed its managers to give people a clear career path before they hire someone. This plays a major role in employees work life in their company.

Deploy current generation tools

This might not be taken very seriously, but this is super important when it comes to having the millennial engaged at work.

If you are not sure, digital natives is the term that is native to millennial. For them, technology plays a huge part in their life, and this does not stop with their personal life.

Give them applications that speak to the current generation. On a common ground, these apps are real-time and are available everywhere. Deploy apps like the best email software, work management systems and continuous feedback systems.

These are not just suggestions. But study confirms that 32% of the millennials like customizing their applications.

Millennials are probably the best ones who could push your company forward. They are people with focus and high determination. Respecting them and celebrating their boldness is essential.

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