How to run Voice of Employee (VoE) Programs and measure its benefits with software tools

Today, running millennial workspace is challenging and interesting as well. Providing your employees the ability to speak up, and be heard is as important as the on-boarding process itself.

What is Voice of Employee (VoE) Program?

The motto of Voice of Employee program is to enhance employee experience and satisfaction. The program itself is designed to improve how employees in an organization can voice out better and how it adds value. It is done by collecting feedback from employees using various methods like surveys, exit interviews, ENPS, feedback forms, focus groups, metrics, performance evaluation, etc.

Employees should be given the space to ask questions to the management in case they undergo any pain points, if needed you can also allow them to ask or answer questions anonymously. This enables employees to express their real experience with your organization. Employees who feel their voice is heard at work are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. (Salesforce).

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

-Simon Sinek

Employees will give honest feedback when they see value or when they know they are being heard. Initiating changes according to their feedback, employees feel happy to work, and when employees are happy, they perform effectively. They even post positive reviews on media platforms like Glassdoor. This will create an excellent reputation for your organization.

Employee performance drives the organization‘s success and creates a great employee brand. When you make sure that you deliver a remarkable employee experience you don’t have to keep worrying about customer experience because your employees will take care of contributing to excellent customer experience. The entire organization becomes customer-centric, and you can quickly fix the broken customer experience if any.

Following are the benefits of VoE programs:

Preserving and enhancing top talents:

Do employees work with their whole self at your workplace? If the answer is no, what are the factors that stop them from doing so? It can be discovered and rectified using VoE programs. Everyone is talented, but how many of them recognize and utilize it? VoE gives them the freedom to explore their talents, enhance and retain them.

VoE programs are essential to know about all these information in detail. Job satisfaction helps the employees in the long haul. Treat them like they are an asset to your company. Recognize, appreciate and reward their work and their contribution to the company’s success. Regularly monitor and check their workload and be open and flexible to receive changes. Make changes according to their comfort and capability. As there is high demand in the market, it is important to be highly productive to keep your business alive and thriving. Every manager would expect their employees to perform exceptionally well.

Help your employees manage and prioritize their workload. Give them the freedom to decide their goals but at the same time see that they meet the company’s expectations. VoE programs help in better communication so that you can know about the problems employees are facing and help them solve it. Check if any guidance is required and help them to be productive. All these will help employees feel valued and satisfied which will make the base for a long-term relationship.

Productive workplace:

A happy workplace will create productive employees. Productive employees contribute to the organization’s success. VoE programs can aid in evaluating the happiness score of every employee. If you come across any employee with a low happiness score, get information on the factors that are making employees unhappy, take quick and effective action to rectify them.

Make a stress free workplace. Get input from every employee regarding the reasons for their stress at the workplace and give them the freedom to talk through any problem they are facing in the workplace. Top sources of workplace stress are Heavy workload/looming deadlines (33%), delusive expectations of managers (22%), accomplishing work-life balance (22%), Coworker conflicts (15%) and other(8%). (Accountemps). See to that you avoid or help your employees to overcome these stressors.

When you remove stress and other factors that affect the happiness and well being of employees in a workplace, you create a cheerful and positive working atmosphere. This helps the employees get motivated and help them work with their whole self at the workplace.

Once employees are happy, they interact additional. High engagement strengthens team bond. A robust team can perform high and contribute to growth. Highly engaged business teams result in 21% greater profitability. (Gallup). One main reason you need to listen to the voice of employees is that you can solve issues before they become into a crisis.

Less employee turnover = Less customer churn:

Factors like engagement, productivity, loyalty, satisfaction define employee turnover. When you take care of these factors cautiously, eventually there will be less employee turnover and ultimately contributes profitability to your entire organization.

Build a healthy organizational culture by keenly listening to employee’s voice. When you sculpt and align organization culture after clearly analyzing the data on the voice of employee, you create a healthy workplace which empowers your employees with positivity and productivity. When employees feel appraised and included, they tend to perform exceptionally well and stay longer in your organization.

75% of employees would stay longer at an organization that addresses their feedback and listens(Source).They align their vision with the organization’s vision and will strive hard to bring in profitability for the organization. Importantly take quick steps if there are issues with employees well being.  92% of employees say showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention. (Businessolver)

When you take care of the employees and make them stress-free, they treat customers with the kindness which will lay the foundation for a long-term customer relationship.

Improved customer experience:

“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it. ”

-Timothy R.Clark. Author.

As you already know the voice of employee programs helps in getting clarity about employee experience, taking initiatives and leverage their feedbacks will make employees confident. When employees are confident, they engage well with their customers and deliver reliable customer service.

Effectively hearing the voice of the employees, you can come up with innovative ideas for business improvements. Business improvements contribute to better quality customer service.

Highly engaged employees expand the connections with the customers and accomplish better business profitability and drive customer loyalty.

The flow chart clearly depicts how employee engagement has a direct impact on growth and profit. It is a step by step improvement and one attribute will impact other attributes as well, even if they are not connected directly. Employee engagement survey is an important approach to work on making employee engagement better. Check out products like UnderstandBetter, who provides support for Employee engagement survey.

Thus the voice of employees can transform your whole business into a whole new successful level. Employee engagement surveys have a direct connection on VoE which in turn impacts the business.

So implement VoE programs on a regular basis and pave the way for everyone’s development and success.

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