UnderstandBetter Susan releases today. Brings new features, improved UnderstandEngine and more.

UnderstandBetter started out as a small project within our company to enable leaders across the organization get better insights about their people and address issues that might be hiding in their blind spots. Today, we have helped over 300 users across 2 geographies to voice out their views without having the fear of being judged by their peers.

Since 2016, we have been focusing on one thing:

Transform the way people voice out their views and help managers address them better.

Today, we set sail to help even more companies and leaders listen to their people better, with the announcement of our new version of UnderstandBetter, called Susan; named after the legendary icon designer of Apple, Susan Kare. The new version is dedicated to the work she did during her time at Apple, that has touched countless number of lives across the world. We believe that this new version of UnderstandBetter would also change people’s lives for the better.

“It is so humbling to see people’s lives and emotions change for the better with UnderstandBetter. The pilot period for us is over, and starting today, we are taking UnderstandBetter to even more customers across the globe.” said Pankaj Harita, new CEO of UnderstandBetter.

Introducing UB Score:

UB Score is a simple score which is a reflection of a complex calculation that happens in real-time as people interact with the platform. The score lets company stakeholders know the state of their company.

Brand new design language

UnderstandBetter Susan has been completely redesigned to pack over 20 new features that are releasing today, and also to set a new design language for the product’s features that could come in the future.

The new design language is super intuitive, making it easy for the people using the platform to focus on things that really matter and needs their attention the most.

“Our design team has put in a lot of effort in bringing the new interface to life. We called it ‘BetterUI’, which is built to evolve the design as the product grows both in size and in feature set.”, Karthik K, Advisor of UnderstandBetter.

Smart Analysis Touch-points are even more natural

We introduced SATs in 2017. These are touch-points that our UnderstandEngine uses to learn about the users and evolve itself to serve them better. With Susan’s release, the engine now has even more sources to learn from.

This would enable managers to identify issues within their organization even faster and the suggestions that UnderstandBetter would make to the managers is even better and accurate.

Additional UnderstandBetter Susan features:

GDPR Compliant; the entire product now respects GDPR and our security team has been working smart to make sure your data is anonymized and cleaned before it is sent to the UnderstandEngine for learning.

Zero On-boarding; we are also introducing zero on-boarding. The end-user (employees) in your organization don’t have to login or spend time creating their profile on UnderstandBetter. The platform now learns about each and every user on its own, and a great deal of investment went in to build this technology for UnderstandBetter Susan.

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