These four questions will help you start a good One-on-One

One of the key aspects of starting a One-on-One is to start the conversation right. People generally have a weird feeling during One-on-One’s, especially when talking about their growth.

Driving conversations by asking the right question is crucial.

The questions you ask will tell you how they feel about the company & work.

Below are the four important question that kicks-off the best One-on-One.

  1. Paul, what’s on your mind? - Gives you an idea about what they’re expecting from the meeting or the company.
  2. What would you like to start with? - Sets the context of the meeting.
  3. So, what’s going on? - Breaks down the issues they’re facing with other people.
  4. How’s it going? - Lets people talk about the issues you were not aware of.

These questions have worked for a ton of companies to start a good One-on-One. Setting the agenda right for these meetings are important.

Let us know how it went for you. Or if you think we’re missing something out, mind sharing your thoughts?