Struggle(s) in a HR analytics program

The real struggle in dealing with HR analytics data is the data itself. The HR is responsible for analyzing and producing results with the data. These results cannot drop from the previous set of results, if not improve.

One of the drawbacks of HR data is the frequency at which HRs and managers give attention to it. Majority of the companies look into the HR data every quarterly, which gives enough time for an employee to quit the company. The reason for his dissatisfaction can go unnoticed and the same problem can be faced by others under your nose.

To avoid all this, the data has to be analyzed as often as it can. But there are many other hurdles while dealing with HR data and improving employee engagement.

Sea of data:

The data extracted and used in HR analytics is over thousands and millions. There are a lot of redundant and unnecessary data that can be cleared out.

Representing the data that is ‘needed’ and not ‘wanted’ is the ideal solution to this.


The data that are being represented has to be easier to capture. Representing everything in text format is time-consuming and boring and can be vulnerable to negligence. Raw data is of less or no use the HR unless they are trained exclusively to analyze and understand it.


Data that is objective is not relevant to the organization or HR as it is not going to help the management improve or solve problems within their organization. When a person talks about the problems with him/her as the subject it brings in more value than objectified response. Structure your queries in such a way that you get a subjective response.


Many people say that an HR can never run out of data and that, it’s a rare situation. The truth is, yes! the HR cannot run out of data to work around, but they can run out of relevant and needed data. With a bunch of useless data, one cannot expect to improve the management.

A simple solution to all of this is using a tool that resolves all issues. As much as I would like to sell UnderstandBetter here, it is a fact that UnderstandBetter is few of the many tools that can help in solving the problem statement.

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