SiA Version 2

SiA, She Is Awesome, is an initiative exclusively focusing on women who create impact in their own small way. This initiative was started under Skcript and now its child prodigy, UnderstandBetter, is taking over SiA.

To give an overview, UnderstandBetter is run by two strong women founders, Pankaj Harita and Swaathi Kakarla. SiA will be the jewel on top of its crown. Sharing the greatness of women inspirations with the world is something to look forward to.

It will be a great honor to cast the spotlight on women who have become masters and are unlocking new achievements every other day in their own field and in their own way. The new SiA is going to be more strong and will be featuring women from various industries.

If you wish to be a part of SiA or know someone who should be a part of it, please drop an email to or contact us in any of our social media platforms.

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