SiA#3: Marjolaine Savoie, Yoga With Bow

Marjolaine Savoie, founded Yoga With Bow to guide young entrepreneurs and changemakers on their path to mindfulness and change their life for the better. She envisions a world where entrepreneurs and people are intentional in their actions and mindful about their effect on the planet and on others. She is based out of Germany and runs her retreat in Greece with plans to expand in the future. As always, we think She is Awesome.

Tell us more about yourself. How did you get started? And what was the motivation behind Yoga With Bow?

Though I graduated with a bachelors in Psychology, I decided that I wasn’t going to take the traditional path of doing a masters and head towards an office job. I kind of wanted to find my own way.

When I moved to Germany with my boyfriend, whom I had met during my exchange year, I explored different avenues and looked especially at creative writing and communication jobs. However, I didn’t have the required level in German and ended up finding a French position in sales while I was pursuing a music career.  The 9-5 on the phone doing repetitive tasks just didn’t feel right so the transition from there towards the idea of being my own boss and doing my own business started right after I ended that first job in a startup.

I have always been drawn towards yoga and helping people and the business actually started as a Skype yoga business where I wanted to just offer yoga to everyone around the world. I had a small coaching offer and unexpectedly got coaching clients for this instead of yoga and I transitioned my business into this mindfulness and healing business space ever since.

Why yoga in specific? Why not any other art form?

I think because yoga was just transformative for me on many levels and allowed me to express mindfulness and discover myself. Yoga actually fell in my path as a physical practice, but it evolved into a very holistic way to live life over time and I connected to it on many dimensions. I found it really comfortable and almost like a home.

Eventually, it really became a lifestyle in itself, a way to see life, and it had really helped me to gain tools to understand myself better and to understand everybody better. To use movement as a way to connect on a deeper level to myself and to my surroundings

Yoga has been such a journey, it just felt natural to pursue this as my life’s work.

Who or what inspires and drives you?

I like making people happy. Every day, when I wake up and think about my bigger vision, I envision a place where people are just not running around doing a lot of things but are actually intentional in every action.

I really want to see a world where entrepreneurs are super intentional in what they do and purposefully take actions that will benefit them and others. Where they use their time wisely, not be overwhelmed and stuck in comparing themselves with what other people have done before, but confidently learning to find their own way. I think that this would be so inspiring and exciting!

I want to be part of this change and movement where people are being more aware of how they treat themselves, their planet, their projects and how we can all elevate with just joy and happiness and this is a profound message for change.

What is a day in your life like?

I wake up in the morning and do a small jog before I get a fresh bread at the bakery. I really love to enjoy my avocado toast and coffee. Then I sit by the window and I look outside, I usually do either a “grateful list” or write my “intention list” of the day.

After that, I usually start working at my desk. I will have someone on one coaching calls with clients, some interviews for the podcast or will work on my own blog and content creation for YouTube.

Also throughout the day, I create and develop meditation or mindfulness programs, work on the retreats and workshops that I am hosting or delegate tasks to my employees. In the evening I usually teach yoga or pilates at the local yoga studio.

To end my day, I will make a cup of tea, look at the stars and usually do yoga for myself. Other nights, I might sing to better my songs or write new ones! I also recently started to learn piano, which is a beautiful new outlet for my creativity.

Are 30 minutes effective enough? And why 30?

The initial call is a 30-minute session so that I get to know the person and see if we can work together. It is important for both me and the potential client to figure out if my approach resonates with them and if it’s what they need right now. When I am working with clients, the regular sessions are always 60 minutes.

Currently, we have two established programs that are on the website. There is one for new entrepreneurs that are just getting started, to get them out of the blur, establish their vision and start to find strategies to guide them towards the goal and really implement the basic branding and voice behind their message. It is important that they know what they want to offer and be creative about how they are going to go about it. This option is a packed in value three-month coaching program for new entrepreneurs.

There is also a new program that I actually launched a few weeks ago (August 13th),  which is for influencers and people that have a continuously growing social following and who are working a lot towards building a community online. I am helping them quit their side job and leverage their community to offer services and products that will suit their personality so that they give more to their community and not solely depend on sponsorships to make a living.

What is your podcast about and have you made the podcast for a particular audience?

Yoga with bow is an online mindfulness resource for women. It is about growing and taking time to go towards something huge. I see it becoming a  hub for living a mindful life and running a business with ease and patience

I want to offer content on how to navigate your daily life on a more personal level in terms of lifestyle, minimalism, but also business. Finding time to focus and using strategies that are intentional and have purpose towards your bigger vision.

In the podcast, I interview various women on their take on mindfulness and how they built their business and what have been the ups and downs of their journey in order to inspire people. The podcast and the blog are filled with a lot of inspiration towards a minimalist lifestyle, slow living and going through a mindful path of entrepreneurship.

My website offers online resources about meditation, and ebooks about self-growth. In the future, I want to offer all the resources so that women can find their way into entrepreneurship with joy and ease.

What are your future plans?

I would love to organize yoga retreats every three to four months and offer various style of yoga and workshops. I think it’s really important to allow women to connect in person since everything is so virtual nowadays.

From my experience in coaching sessions with my clients,  I realize that community is key and the feeling of being surrounded by a support system that is uplifting and truly transformative. That is why it is so important to create these in-person events.

One day, I would also like to offer to smaller groups of six to ten women, transformative workshops during the weekend, to share pieces of wisdom and use yoga and meditation as tools for transformation.

Do you have days when you are not motivated and do you overcome it?

Definitely, it happens all the time. Usually, I just lay and watch the clouds. One of the bigger things to recognize is that it is okay to feel down, no matter how big your vision is. Some days are harder than others when you feel like you are not making progress and you need to take time for yourself and refuel your creativity

Those moments are the ones when you need to listen to your flow. If you feel stuck when working and it just doesn’t feel right, you should just take a pause for your head and come back to your projects later on. Usually, when that happens, I refresh for a few minutes - I will do some yoga, make a tea, look outside the window, take a walk, just get away from work for a while to sit down and meditate. You can just start with Shavasana on the floor and maybe do a mindful activity you love!!

*picture credits belong to Adrian Osterburg

What is so different about mindfulness and why are focusing on that aspect though yoga?

I saw a huge shift in my life when I started being more aware of myself. I first heard of mindfulness as a concept in my bachelors where we were taught about Job Kabat-Zinn who is a huge advocate for mindfulness. He has created a lot of programs to reduce stress and works more on the medical and psychological level with it.

Though, I had heard of it in my bachelors, I was always drawn towards introspection and it has always been something very powerful to ask myself some question and then, take an action. As I got more into the concept, I started implementing more tools with mindfulness and being more aware of my thought process. When I got into this, I saw a huge shift in how I feel daily. I used to be so caught up in my head thinking about my past, how some situation could have ended up, coming back home from a dinner and thinking I should have said something else and really caught up in this back and forth!

On raising my awareness, my head is so much clearer. I have so much more focus and I don’t get driven away so easily. It really kind of strengthened the ability to be in the moment, to just open your eyes and see the beauty in front of your eyes. It was just transformative for me to go into this path and it still is.

Every day brings me much more quietness and peace of mind so I would love everyone to experience this and get into this path because it is really transformative.

Was this movement started in collaboration with anyone?

No, it was started only with me but I plan to expand and have some more employees this year.

Is the yoga retreat tour an active one? What areas have you covered under it?

Right now it’s in Greece. It’s the first one I did outside of Germany. I usually do my workshops for women entrepreneurs in Berlin.

In the future, I definitely want to take it to different places, maybe to North America, South America,  India or Bali, the whole world is open.

I just want to connect with everyone better, to rescale my values, and to connect with mother nature. It is about finding a connection with the location and allowing people from different places to get onboard.

You have listed few inspiring women you have worked with before. Can you talk about that?

My business message and approach are tailored for women, probably because  I am super feminine and this voice and message call more to women.

A lot of my branding is chic and minimalistic and I love talking to a more feminine audience. I really believe that I have the ability to understand what they are going through. I give them more inputs and insights that came from my life going through similar doubts and struggles. However, I do sometimes have men coming for mindfulness, but in general, my one-on-one coaching is only for multi-passionate women entrepreneurs.

What is your advice for fellow budding entrepreneurs?

I think it would be to work on their patience before they get on their journey and to accept that it doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s. It doesn’t have to be fast and it is important to accept that it won’t go faster if you are trying to rush into everything because there is nowhere to be and no one waiting for you. Being an entrepreneur is an internal journey of discovering yourself and it requires a lot of patience.

I think a lot of people need to learn how to have their dream lifestyle as an entrepreneur and work a lot on themselves before they even get started. Paying more attention to themselves and starting to work on their discipline and organizing their schedule around the choices they make. When their vision is really clear, there is no rush to make it happen tomorrow. It’s about taking each and every little step that is going to bring them closer to their bigger vision and letting it go at a pace of its own.

*picture credits belong to Mandy Stappenbeck Photography

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