Perks that are prioritized by employees in the living age

Have a look around your workplace, do your employees feel happy and productive? It’s important to keep track of it and work consistently to keep them engaged and excited. When you think your employees are the true assets of your company, you need to reward your employees beyond a paycheck. One of the best methods you can use is perks. To provide your employees with the best and worthy perks for both employees as well as for the company, read further.

Three objectives you need to consider while giving perks. First, There are different kinds of perks available, but you need to figure out the right perks for your employees. Spend some time with employees. For instance, going out for Friday lunches where you can have non-work talks, know about their interests and provide them with the most suitable perk. This will make them happy and consider it valuable. Some perks will be obvious, for working moms and future moms. Maternity leave, flexible working hours to balance personal life and work life, insurance for moms and kids, daycare within the campus, etc. will be the best. Second, provide perks which have a value that will go a long way towards boosting morale and building a loyal team.

Example, depending on the priorities of the employees provide perks that they value. Insurance, vacation, paid time-off, tickets to special events like concerts, matches can leave them happy & loyal and with a sense of satisfaction in you. If you are a budding company, you can give a bonus; even that will help. The third is, giving perks as frequently as you can. It serves as a regular reminder that you care and value your employees.

Here is a list of awesome perks offered by large companies:

Free books

If you see your employees more passionate about reading books then giving them free books will be a great idea. Penguin Random House follows this perk.

Massages and yoga

Taking care of employees emotional and mental well-being is important. Having massages and yoga classes can help them get refreshed and rejuvenated. This helps in creating a stress-free, productive and creative workplace.

No official work hours

This method is followed in Netflix. They don’t keep track of the working and vacation days. They only measure the amount of work they do and complete the given work.

Onsite health services

You can provide your employees with nutritious food and snack as a part of taking care of their health. Steelcase does this, and in addition to it, they provide lectures on employee wellness.

Continuing education

Some employees may possess an interest in doing higher studies but can’t afford to do it. For such employees, you can provide tuition assistance as a perk. Starbucks helps eligible employees to take advantage of the College Achievement Plan to earn a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program, with full tuition coverage. And for ineligible employees, they give another chance to qualify using Pathway to admission program.

Freedom (and funding) to travel

Companies like Airbnb and HotelTonight provides employees with travel coupons, discounts, and free travel. Airbnb gives travel coupons worth up to $2,000 every year. HotelTonight offers free vacation using monthly spin wheels events.

Nap time

Companies like Google, NASA, Samsung, Facebook have nap pods at work during nap breaks. Its found that taking nap breaks improves productivity, reduces stress, boosts accuracy and enables better learning.

Student loan paydown

Many employees would have studied their degree by taking loans. For such employees, loans will consume half of their pay. PwC offers its employees $100 per month, $1,200 per year, for loan debt. This benefit is available for up to six years. This helps employees save up to $10, 000.

Focus on family

This perk will be more suitable for parents and parents to be. Deloitte provides offers to the moms and dads with 16 weeks of paid time off to take care of their newborn babies. This leave can also be used to take care of other members of the family who are facing critical health conditions or employees who face serious health issues. Such employees can be paid for up to $25,000 for medical expenses.

Gym Membership

Everyone loves to be fit and look good. Gym memberships aren’t cheap nowadays. So you can provide it with one. Companies like Apple provides free gym membership and Microsoft provides $800 annually “Stayfit” reimbursement programs for staying fit and healthy.

These are some exciting perks which serve value to both the company as well as the employees.