July updates: Attrition Prediction, UB x Learn and more

It has been one of the busiest months on the calendar for us this July. We have been working on some of the biggest changes we’ve always wanted to make, and thanks to the customers who spent time providing feedback to UnderstandBetter, we took all of that in, and built something great.

Here are some updates that came out this month for UnderstandBetter:

1. Faster & improved attrition prediction

UnderstandBetter allows managers to keep track of how their people are performing. Especially through employee engagement surveys with questions designed by industry experts. This is something we have been successful in doing from the time we launched. But this time around, we wanted to go one step further, and literally make UnderstandBetter, the SaaS platform to prediction attrition in a company, automagically.

UnderstandBetter now features an easy way to accurately predict who could be leaving the company next, and provide you with insights that could help you to reduce the attrition.

Prevention is better than cure. Prediction attrition is better than replacing someone in the organization.

For the managers, this data is available in your dashboard against each and every team member. When UnderstandBetter knows that someone in your team is having a low engagement rate in the company, and also some signs of alarms that could cause them to leave, the dashboard shows the people who need your attention.

With this new attrition prediction features, you can do two things:

  1. Talk to the person and understand the problem they are facing. Figure out what you can do to help them stay.
  2. Send improved engagement surveys to see if the same issues/patterns are visible across the organization.

2. Brand new manager dashboard

It is now out. Our design team has been working so hard to get this out to you in a very short period of time. The new dashboard for the managers gives a clear picture of what is going on in the organization without any struggle.

Here are few of the changes that came out in this new UI:

  1. Better graphs
  2. Brand new Hero Graphs in Dashboard and Analytics pages
  3. Improved brand colors across the dashboard
  4. Smoother fonts for faster rendering
  5. 55% faster load times on desktop and mobile
  6. API-driven UI (So mobile apps could be on the way)
  7. Easier navigation across the dashboard
  8. Brand new email design for better readability
  9. Multi-lingual support
  10. And so much more.

We are pushing out UI updates every week for all the users. We believe you will find this new UI useful and much more functional than the material design UI that we released about a year ago.

3. UB x Learn

This is a part of the UB x (pronounced as: you-be ex) series. The series includes various sub-projects inside the UnderstandBetter dashboard that provides managers with unprecedented access to rich educational information about managing a team better.

UB x Learn is a new module that you will start seeing in your dashboard, which gives you micro-training materials and tips to handle the current situation in your organization.

This is a beta feature we are rolling out to some customers. If you think such information is going to help you, please write to us at support@understandbetter.co.

UB x Learn takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Each article, video or other training materials are designed to be consumed in less than 15 minutes which are information dense.

4. So much more

Other than the product updates, we as a company are ramping up our headcount. We’re investing in people who can provide these resources and empower managers using UnderstandBetter even more.

We can’t wait to show you what we are working on for August. Until then, if you need any help from us, please write to support@understandbetter.co or just ping us on chat (should appear in the lower right corner of the screen).

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