Introducing Understand Engine - AI Engine for Employee Engagement

Asking “What do you think about the company?” and getting responses from people is certainly easy. But what if that question is not something many people are comfortable answering? What if you were expecting good responses, but no one even responded? What if this causes you to repeat the same question over and over again?

If there was a system that knew your people better, and helped you ask questions that let people answer, things would have been different. It could take you beyond just your intuitiveness and serve as your deepest reserve of information. This could even aid in solving longterm problems within your company.

Understand Engine is designed to do just that for you. The system learns from people’s actions and reactions, to help you come up with relevant questions that fits best in their schedules.

It is time for the CEOs and HRs to let go of setting up their own questions, and let technology tailor questions for their employees. For example, a question like “You’ve been working for a while at Skcript now, do you have any thoughts about the company?”, gets you much better responses, than just asking them something to the face.

The responses that people submit, are then analyzed by the Understand Engine, which is built upon Hope, Optimism & Resilience. Any question that the engine helps you set up, revolves around these three core principles.

Understand Engine Announcement


Hope is the biggest motivator for people to travel through rough times. Hope, helps us understand that there is a solution for every problem. Understand Engine frames its questions based on this primary rule.


A ton of research papers have proved that optimism is the key to happiness and performance at work. It stands for a positive approach towards the future. For example, Understand Engine generated this question for Skcript recently:

“You have done phenomenally well at work recently. How are you going to challenge yourself this week?”

The question has two parts:

  1. “You have done phenomenally well at work recently.” - The optimism and a sense of appreciation
  2. “How are you going to challenge yourself this week?” - A gentle push to plan for the future


Resilience is probably the most powerful aspect of someone’s thinking, and is tightly tied with Hope. Especially when a company’s sales and marketing team are going to be hearing a ton of No’s and a few Yes’, resilience is what helps them move on.

People are going to keep giving their best, despite the hard times they are going through, at work or at home.

Here’s a sample question that Understand Engine created for a company, which was not going pretty well that week:

“Hearing a No is just a detour. Do you think updating your strategy is going to get you a yes?”

The question that Understand Engine framed, has two parts:

  1. “Hearing a No is just a detour.” - Tells people that hearing a No is not the end of the road.
  2. “Do you think updating your strategy is going to get you a yes?” - Helps people sit down and think about what they could do to get a Yes.

Understand Engine is designed to work for CEOs & HRs to create engaging, intelligent questions for them to ask people.

We are committed to design tools which will determine what is important for employees for them to feel engaged, needed and satisfied at work.

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