Improving your company one answer at a time

Organisations need to evolve. They need to evolve in a way that the new workforce finds it appealing so that they can attract new talent and keep their existing employees happy and satisfied. As a founder, being given a whole 100-page report one fine day out of the whole year on what could be done to make the company awesome sounds cool but is often counterintuitive.

The solution

Enter (intelligent) pulse surveys, I am pretty much in awe of what pulse surveys can accomplish in a year but takes only fraction of the time taken by traditional surveys. There’s a lot of good reasons why intelligent pulse surveys are the future, but here are the top ones:

  1. IT SAVES TIME: We are all short of time. Some Days, we wish there was 25 hours in a day. Well, that’s not going to happen, but you know what could happen, more available time by using it efficiently. What’s one minute compared to whole hour you will have to spend on a traditional survey?

  2. THEY EVOLVE: No, they don’t have a brain, unless an artificial brain counts. They are continuous and in-sync. No one feels the same emotions every single day (or do they?). Pulse surveys help with recording all perspectives of an issue. They care about your mid-week slump or your Monday blues and even your TGIFs. Even if you do feel the same emotions all year, pulse surveys understand you too.

  3. THEY ARE CREATIVE (sometimes): Rate your sandwich from yesterday? What’s your biggest pet-peeve? Everyone likes to be funny sometimes, Surveys do too. On a serious note, these answers can also provide some invaluable insights.

  4. TO THE POINT: Averages aren’t precise anymore, at least not with feedbacks. Instead of implementing a new policy that is 50-50, you now have more data to back your decision up. So, you can implement it with full confidence. That’s the superpower of a pulse survey.

  5. OUTDATED, NO MORE: By the time you receive the report after all the processing, It’s next year already (I am exaggerating, a little). Pulse surveys when combined with intelligent processing, gives you results of the feedback within minutes. Now, that’s real-time and smart.

They are way more advantageous than this, but you have to experience it to know it. Do you want to try implementing intelligent pulse surveys at your company? There is no better time than now. Tell us in the comments why you may or may not think pulse surveys are awesome.

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