How to run Employee Engagement Surveys on Slack

A few months back, we had one of our customers come to us and say that they had a problem getting responses from their people. The company was young and has been growing rapidly over the past 18 months, and it was crucial for the founders to know how their employees feel about the company every now and then.

They signed up for UnderstandBetter, and as of today, over 300 people in their organization receive customized survey questions that are humanly pleasing to answer. Everything was going well for the first 8 weeks. The questions rolled out, people in the company answered, and the response rates were over 72% (which was the highest we’ve ever seen in that particular industry). Gradually, the response rates went down.

We spoke to the founders and their only request was to help them hear more from their employees about the company. Upon investigating the issue, 90% of their workforce were millennials, who were used to platforms like Whatsapp, Snapchat and Twitter. This meant that they were comfortable using tools like Slack, Messenger for Work and such tool to perform their activities.

This was the lightbulb moment for us. We realized that the workforce today, wants something easy to work with. They want an intuitive way to perform their activities and Slack was our best bet to run our employee engagement surveys for such companies.

Our engineers then set to work to create the best and the most advanced Slack Integration that can perform employee engagement surveys right within the app. The team has the goals set very clearly:

  1. People should get a notification whenever there is a survey question that’s been rolled out.
  2. People should be able to answer these questions within 5 seconds.
  3. People should be able to answer questions from wherever they want, without having to open their email, click on a link and then response to that.
  4. The entire process has to be super easy for people to understand.
  5. Above all, this new process must improve the response rates and improve engagement.

A few weeks later, we completed the fully integrated Slack app that always lives on your Slack domain, and there to ask you whenever a question is rolled out.

Here are some simple steps to install UnderstandBetter for Slack and run employee surveys from inside Slack

  1. Install UnderstandBetter for Slack from Slack App Store. Click here.
  2. As an employee they type “Launch” in the UnderstandBetter’s Bot Channel.
  3. Now, UnderstandBetter will ask you your preferred mode of asking you questions. If you choose Slack, just enter your email ID. This will send you a unique code for you to verify.
  4. Key in the code into UnderstandBetter’s Slack Bot and click on Verify.
  5. Once done, that’s it. It just takes four simple steps to integrate UnderstandBetter for Slack to run employee engagement surveys.

Here’s what people would see when a new question is asked:

Should you need a visual guide of how to integrate UnderstandBetter for Slack and run employee engagement surveys on Slack, check out detailed guide here.

The results

Once we implemented this for the organization, the response rates increased and the people who never answered a single question, volunteered to answer via Slack.

Today, we have served over 20,000 questions from UnderstandBetter on Slack and the count is still increasing as we speak here with you.

The measurable data that UnderstandBetter provides from every answer has been valuable to a lot of managers across the globe. Our goal with UnderstandBetter is to make sure managers like you get valuable insights and run an engaged team within the company.