How to make the best use of a leader’s time

Pankaj / 20 Jan 2019

'Lead the way' something that people say to the leader they are happy to follow. It is an inspiration to become a leader, take it and change it to be the best one at it.

A Leader is the strongest of the pillar holding the team and a lot of elements to run a company together. His/her time is precious and identifying the areas which need utmost attention is also a part of planning.

I am highlighting below a few areas that need time from the leader without any compromise.

The growth of Team:

As a leader, your team is everything, and the growth and success of the team linger on the people. Knowing when to grow your team and when to stop is in the hands of a leader. All the leaders have had a bad hire, and all of us learn our mistakes at a considerable cost. The growth of the team is crucial and not recruiting when needed is a huge mistake. Occasionally, your team will place the requests to you, but you being the leader have the final call and make sure it is worth the effort and time of every individual. So, spending time on the growth of the company concerning people is vital.


Choosing the best jack in the trade is important but, their fit in the company in terms of values, goals, and culture. Sometimes the most talented person might not work with your company or the team’s culture. Spending time with the to-be hires and understanding their fit in the company before hiring is required and the leader is the one who sets the values and tunes the culture, who better than them?

Mission and goals:

Who other than the leader of the company knows the mission and goals better? The answer is no, and we all know that. Being a leader, you should see the mission and goals the team is working towards and sometimes he/she will have to set new missions and goals as well. The mission is what is going to drive the team to push to great heights and grow in the long run, and the leader has to put extra effort and time here.

Lead the team:

That is a direct say of how the leader has to utilize the time. Leaders are never idle they are more busy with the addition of every new member to the team. Leading the team is not just directing instructions, getting the work done and guiding the team to success. There is more to it. A leader will have to dedicate time in understanding the team, their emotional pulse and work accordingly. The health of the team is important and has to be the priority to the leader. The one who identifies and solves those un-noticed, subtly voiced or non-voiced issues will make the best leader without any doubts.

Customer champion:

Customers are important. Being a leader, one has to think from the team perspective and from the customer shoes to handle the situation effectively. It is the leader’s responsibility to understand the different customers, there needs, requests and pass it on to the team to give the best customer experience. Taking the time to understand the customer and using the knowledge to improve the experience is crucial.

Crisis management:

A company without crisis doesn’t exist. But there can exist a company who handles crisis well, in a way that it feels that a crisis never occurred. The quick handling of those crises is a notable quality in a leader. Even when the team acts like hell broke loose, the leader should take the situation under his/her control and balance things out. Without dedicating time for this, one cannot survive even the faintest blow.

There is more to the responsibilities of the leader which needs his/her time and attention. Others include,

  • Providing clarity
  • Thinking time
  • Devising long term strategy
  • Upping the standard

and more.

Be the leader you would look up to. It is the best motivation a leader can get to work towards becoming better as time flies.