How to increase the response rates on employee surveys

One of the most difficult tasks the management often comes across is increasing the response rate on employee surveys. There is no organization that can succeed without an active engagement from the employees. So, it is important for every organization to keep track of their employees’ experience. When you shape employee experience with their comfort and space in mind, you enable to deliver their best work that aligns with the company’s goal. This is real success and growth for employees as well as the organization.

So how to learn about your employee’s experience with your organization?

Everyone knows the answer is feedback through employee surveys. But that doesn’t stop there, only when your response rate for the survey is above 70%, you can conclude that you have received enough credible data for evaluation.

How do you increase the response rate on employee surveys and make employees understand the values they provide to the organization as well as themselves?

That is exactly what this article is for, let’s discuss a few simple techniques that you can implement to maximize the response rate, get honest answers and spark a genuine dialogue.

Motivate employees for participating in the survey:

Half of the struggle is making the employees see the value in the employee surveys and the outdated mindset of employee surveys being just another obligation.

This has to change from the perspective on employee surveys to how what and why they communicate over the surveys.

Employee surveys are not only meant for getting feedback on your organization but to get started for discussions that shape your business and to improve standards for both the organization as well as its employees.

An employee’s emotional needs, primarily their need for satisfaction and achievement comes from their role at work. Ensuring that this is well taken care of, elevates their involvement in the organization’s success. This makes everyone in the organization connect better.

Use the surveys to know your employee’s innovative ideas and solutions for problems that are happening. This brings out the true potentiality from your employees.

Every employee faces more than one situations that induce stress. But between the nearing deadlines and the deliverables, it becomes the manager’s and the organization’s responsibility to provide a conducive environment that reduces stress and allows the employee to relax once in a while.

To enjoy a productive and rewarding workplace, everyone should love the work they do. Questions about their experience with the current domain they are working, improvements they’d like and plans all help the organization to better place the individual.

Make clear that your aim of conducting employee surveys are not just for the benefit of the management but to grow together as a whole. This way you can improve employee retention rates and create a Blissful workplace.

Show them the results:

Remember earlier when I mentioned that the perception of employee surveys is outdated?

This needs to change.

It is important for the employees to view the surveys as something more than just an obligation or a process. They need to realize it provides value and enables them to achieve more growth. As the management, we need to reinvent the concept of how the employee surveys function and they help the organization.

A simple solution would be to make small improvements employees wanted or call in a one on one immediately if the issue is personal in nature. This drastically increases the response rate as well as efficiency at which the survey operates. Humans tend to adopt functions and habits that are rewarding and gives us desirable results.

Conduct surveys at the right time:

The right time to conduct employee surveys might vary from employee to employee. It is not advisable to ask employees questions when they are in a meeting or when they are in the middle of something important. You could also allow your employees to select their own time to participate in the survey.

Even though there is an employee survey every month, enable your employees to submit feedback whenever they encounter an inconvenience or issue that they want to be brought to the attention of the management. Be attentive to their feedback and solve their issues before it grows into a bigger problem.

To make the entire volume of employees to participate in the survey, an endorsement from higher officials like CEO or manager will show the survey’s importance. All these will help you achieve the highest survey participation rate. When there is a higher participation rate, you collect more reliable data.

Acknowledge anonymous submissions:

When employees are allowed to answer the survey questions anonymous, they tend to discuss sensitive issues and concerns they might have otherwise avoided and want to be brought to the attention of the management. When you analyze these answers, you might get a clear picture of how your management is functioning. Iterate workplace processes and environment according to the valuable insights you have received to make employee experience better which will drive higher productivity and better workplace satisfaction.

Make it short and crisp:

See to that you ask a limited number of questions in the survey. Asking more number of questions will increase the time which will reduce the efficiency of the survey. Ask the right questions and the right number of questions.

The questionnaire preparation for the survey is a challenging task. You can use metrics to increase efficiency. Frame a right question under each component of the metric and see to that it fetches you with required data to calculate the metric.

Use the scaling method, it makes giving feedback as well as evaluation simple. Until a question requires a text box, you can use scaling, smiley, and options like poor, good, excellent, dissatisfied, satisfied and highly satisfied.

Use the best fit for the survey and make working on the results simple:

Competence of the survey depends on how you realize the benefits of the study. There are two ways of conducting these surveys, manually and using software to collect data.

The manual process even for a small organization is tedious since there are too many aspects to collect data on. The right software will facilitate how you achieve the goals you have set for the organization. Find software that makes your employee surveying easier and more accurate by enabling smarter processes in collecting as well as evaluating. Collecting can be done easily whereas evaluating is difficult.

Software that makes evaluation easier will require a feature that classifies and organizes the data that is received. Integration with the software the employees already using will be a great thing. Enable many features like anonymous, edit, submit and so on that is required to achieve full utilization of the survey. These are to ease the answering process for the employees.

For the management, highlighting areas that require the immediate attention of the manager. This can be done by evaluating the data as scores and showing the results for each area. For example, if there are three components like workload, accomplishment, and relationship. If the relationship score is poor, then you need to work on it, take appropriate steps to increase the score.

Similarly, you can create components like job satisfaction, company culture, pay, workplace ambiance, and other components that play an important role in the employee’s engagement with the organization.

Wondering where you can find such amazing software with those amazing features? UnderstandBetter provides all these features and services that harness active employee engagement. By making your employees better, you empower a great organization.