How to Implement a Safe and Positive Culture at Work

Janani / 16 Jan 2019

"Home is where the heart lies" is a very famous proverb. Well, workplace is our second home and keeping it active, engaging and safe for everyone plays a crucial role from a company's point of view and will definitely improve efficiency and productivity of a company.

What is “culture” at work?
Culture indicates the character and personality of your organization.

Positive workplace culture encourages :

  • Exclusive work engagement
  • Calm and a steady mind
  • To brainstorm ideas.
  • The everyday performance level of an employee

How exactly do you create a positive workplace culture?

  1. Create reasonable and practical goals for the company.
    This ensures that employees have something to look forward to. Mainly, it makes them reach their targets on a daily or weekly basis.
    Employees will set small goals for themselves and look forward to the satisfaction of completing the work.
  2. Work in teams (Collaborative working)
    Regular interaction and socializing with your co-workers enhances your livelihood, reconciliation and reduces stress. The more you talk, and work as a team, there is a better understanding amongst everyone, work goals are reached faster and you will notice yourself actively participating in decision making, project goals and thereby finishing your work on time!
  3. Creating a habit of encouragement, appreciation and less of discrimination in the workplace
    This might help improve results, enhances culture at work and makes sure nobody feels left out. It’s an important aspect to follow in a workspace as everyone deserves equality at a place they work.
    Also, racism, gender bias, partiality and all other differences present in the society will be reduced.
  4. Create an environment for yourself.
    This means that you’ll have to make yourself comfortable at your desk or cabin at the workplace.
    Keep the things which makes you calm, be it stuff toys, small refreshing plants or posters. It helps in improving your efficiency and gives you a feeling close to home, which makes you want to stay at work for a longer time!

What are the things you’ll have to focus on to bring about a reliably “safe” culture at work?

  • Prevention of Physical Hazards:
    Ensuring proper maintenance at the workplace would ensure physical safety for everyone.
    For example, A broken window or door needs to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent interruption and needs to be done during non-office hours. Might be a simple issue but it might turn into a disaster later, prevention is always better!

Apart from that, proper cleaning of washrooms, ensuring sanity with clean rooms and desks, providing tissue papers and so on, would ensure that employees remain clean and healthy. This would also come under physical safety.

  • Counseling centers:
    Might be difficult to bring about, especially in a workplace but if not for a center, a person who can counsel can be recruited for the company.
    Stress is something that takes three-fourth of a working person’s energy, time and slows down the work pace. Hence, making sure that employees don’t stress unnecessarily is very important to the company. Hiring a counselor wouldn’t be a waste, it’ll, in fact, turn out to be a profit for the company!
  • Risk lessons and assessments:
    A company can provide risk lessons for awareness. All workers and employees irrespective of their job post will have to take the risk course provided by the company. These lessons will not only teach you self defense, to find hazards and how to tackle the same but will also assess you with false fire alarms, making a bit more confident at your workplace. The willingness to have a mindset that you can tackle everything that comes your way is important. These are a few things which could help you nurture the same!
  • Workplace welfare:
    General factors contributing to workplace welfare:-
    - Space
    - Lighting: Should be bright and not dark making the environment dull
    - Workspace area: Needs to be spacious
    - The arrangement of desks, computers, and everything.
    - Provision of clean drinking water. Coffee can also be provided.
    - Facilities for rest, eating meals, etc
  • Provision of transport for people who live far off:
    Might be a simple thing to look at, but ensures safety during the night shifts. Safety of and for women working in the company is also very crucial. Prevention of harassment outside work will is also important.
  • Equal opportunities for everyone:  
    To nurture and improve workplace culture, this is totally a must!
    Equality needs to be cultivated.

What needs to be done to create an engaging work culture?

  1. Careful selection of Employees during Recruiting
    When you’re hiring a person, check if that person would fit into your company. Imagine that person’s presence in your company and see if you could tolerate that person. You can teach job skills and cultivate work, but you can’t change a person’s attitude or behavior.
    Don’t hire a person who doesn’t seem like “your company person.”
  2. Engaging activities
    A strict and professional organization often causes awkwardness, annoyance and gets a bit monotonous to work at!
    Hence, organizing gatherings, weekend parties, fun team activities, and lunch gathering often would help in relaxation for all the employees. This will make them want to come to their work often and socialize with their co-workers.
  3. Give the employees a sense of ownership
    Telling them that “A dent to your company, is a dent to your reputation as well” would create a sense of belonging. Creating a realization of the fact that this is their company is very important.
    A natural human tendency, to be good at something and create something better when it belongs to them is common. Hence, creating a feeling of owning the company will have a significant impact on the whole organization as such.
  4. Everyday Encouragement
    - Sticking or displaying motivational proverbs every day and changing them regularly to create daily motivation would be amazing. This could be done with the office soft board or a common display monitor.    
    - Motivational speeches during the middle of the week might increase the work pace.
    - Frequent provision of awards, incentives and special mentions would improve confidence level and results.

-> These are all very important to bring about an engaging workplace. It’s a pretty simple concept to look at but might need a proper management system and good assistance to make it work.
So, Who do we bank on?


That’s precisely why every company has an HR management and system.



So, what exactly is the role of an HR to ensure safe and engaged “culture” at work?

  • Be a mentor
    A leader who stands up and volunteers for causes that matters the most to his or her employees will always be followed.
    A leader should inspire people, but a mentor should join along the crowd and help make a change!
  • Be the person they want you to be
    Always be a good citizen and try to make people follow you! An HR can make people good listeners. Even professionals and highly paid employees should listen to the HR’s rules and act accordingly, but, this works only if the HR reciprocates the same when they follow it! This is extremely helpful with employee engagement.
  • Create a sound system and work plan to make it work!
    Creating a good system involves creating a good set of rules and regulations to be followed by company officials and employees. Also, a good work plan is set up when the HR decides to take a significant role in paying the employees and rewarding them as well.
    If you need employee engagement and good culture at work, you surely need to pay your employees fairly. HR also needs to play a major role in decision making.
    Every company should follow a proper system set up by the HR department. A word by the HR should not be disrespected or put down, it NEEDS to be followed, which creates an obedient system and reduces a lot of chaos at work.
  • Maintenance of records
    For safety purposes, a maintenance record needs to be maintained by the HR to keep in track of all the damage that has been caused and a list of things that have been fixed in the company.
    Maintenance of accident records also helps to keep track of holidays taken by employees.
    Recording of whatever is taking place at the common areas in office would also ensure safety. Cameras need to be enrolled and monitored by the HR department.
  • Administration
    Monitoring, maintain, assist and manage the whole system is an important role played by the HR.
    Making sure that everything is smooth is very important. Pulling together and combining everything isn’t easy, it is tough when you see it from a company’s point of view.

HR does play a major role in every aspect of a company. Without the HR management, it would be challenging to collaborate everything in a company.

Collecting documents, monitoring everything, making sure every single thing in the company happens on time, attending phone calls right from the morning till the day ends, making sure that they direct each call or meeting to the right person or right room, etc. is generally assisted by the HR.
This isn’t an easy job at all; it’s a crucial part for any professional organization.

Marketing, Market research and general analysis is also very important for any company, to compete and stay in the market, which is also managed by the HR Team.




As quoted by Doug Conant “To win in the marketplace you must first win in your workplace”, and with that being said, an engaging and safe culture at work is a must for everyone to stay calm and work hard, which makes me want to create a quote of my own, so there it goes,**
“Hustle hard and shine bright like sunshine”**