How to Fix your Glassdoor cracks

Everyone must have heard, looked and some of us might have even reviewed companies on Glassdoor. Many founders, on hearing this, will feel a chill run down their spine with a mix of fear and panic.

The ratings and reviews in Glassdoor have a huge impact on how your company is viewed by the public. An analysis of such reviews showed that their experience with the company during their period of employment was not good and sometimes there were some mistakes on the management part of it as well.

Over a period of time, Glassdoor reviews became synonymous to a public face for companies and everyone wanted to be on the good books. Certain companies went to the extent of forcing the employees who are leaving the job to submit good reviews before relieving their documents. Many of them are still following that trend. Is that right way to get positive reviews? Definitely, not. That brings us to the question,”Then what is?”

The right way would be to fix what went wrong last time and avoid repeating them in future events. Though this may not be applicable for all employee reviews, for the genuine reviews that could have been fixed with a better management this is exactly what you need. Learning from the past mistakes and taking measures not to repeat it is one of the ways to identify the mistakes. Here are some ways that improve Glassdoor reviews:

  1. If there is a problem with the management process, try coming up with a process that meets the needs of both the employees and the management as well as keeps them happy.

  2. Pride shouldn’t stand in the way. Managers should start listening to their employees, to understand their needs and the problems they are failing to voice out.

  3. Get tools that will help you streamline this process. Tools that help in asking the right questions and listening better will make their experience in the company better.

  4. Sharing the vision with the employees and ensuring that they feel valued in the company increases their trust in the company. Recognition, appreciation, and growth all have their importance with increasing this factor. Though they are all from the same family, they have their own requirements in terms of employee engagement.

  5. Listen to your employees. Exercising a feedback system inside a company might feel like an old-school approach. But technology has redefined employee feedback by making it intelligent and precise. A tech that can help you understand employee thoughts and few smart ones even suggest actions as a measure to improve the understanding.

  6. Try new approaches that provide better experience and engagement. With the help of certain tools, you can monitor your team’s engagement and satisfaction inside the company. With that data, the management can decide to take necessary measures to maintain a great work culture and ensure employee satisfaction without difficulty.

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