5 Things a leader can do to create a great employee experience

Employee experience is not a fad. Even when you make the smallest purchase on Amazon, you either check for a reliable retailer or you go through the reviews. Glassdoor is that review section for companies. If employee experience is not given the importance it deserves, employees leave the organization frustrated at the end of the day. This doesn’t help with the company’s brand and reputation in the market.  Here are the five things that a leader can do to improve a team’s experience with the company:

  1. Process time: We understand, in a small organization, each team member fill in multiple roles and are busy at any point of the day. But, as a manager and a leader, it is important to get to their issues before it becomes something big. One easy way to tackle this is by setting aside 30 minutes of your day to get to the issues with your team comes to you with. Remember, the longer you take to get to the issue, the bigger it grows.

  2. 80 / 20: Everyone needs to learn. New skills, new language, new dance skills, maybe. Give 20% of the week to employee’s personal development. Not only does the employee feel empowered and energized but a whole new perspective arises a lot of the times. organizations need to evolve to keep up with the pace the usual industry goes at and these skills help with that.

  3. Peer relationship: Humans are social creatures. We do well in communities and with friends. Everyone wants a best friend to go to work with. When there is a new employee joining in, assign them a peer to navigate the first few weeks within the organization. Later, small activities outside work help this relationship. For instance, at UnderstandBetter, we have Potluck days where we share our lunches with each other. It works really well for us.

  4. Employee benefits: How an employee views a company is heavily reliant on what benefits they receive from the company. It necessarily doesn’t have to be the standard benefits package. Even, customised package special to the organization are awesome with the millennial workforce appreciating uniques ideas. A yearly team adventure trip or a consumer subscription deal improves employee experience by leaps and bounds.

  5. Employee recognition: Praise. Appreciate. Cheer. Compliment. Any form of approval that your team receives from you, their leader is going to increase their confidence in their ability. The effort they put on their work is going to increase tenfold. A word of appreciation goes a long way for an unappreciated employee when they are going through a tough time with their project.

Employees don’t limit themselves to working for the companies now. They also bring in value and sometimes, they play a key role in customer satisfaction and lead generation. How do you expect an employee to promote the company if they are not satisfied with the organization themselves. That’s exactly why you need to care about employee experience.

Tell us in the comments below what you do to make employees have a smooth experience when they are working with you.

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