How to create a workplace for everyone?

“Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation, the first beginning of the differentiation of a thing and of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection.”

Diversity in workplaces should be managed in a correct way to get the true value of it and to preserve the well-being of the employees. A homogeneous workplace doesn’t lead to high productivity whereas heterogeneous workplace can.

Diversity in the workplace shows up in forms of differences in opinions, perspective, age, culture, nationality status, gender, background, language, education, work&life experience, characteristics, attitude, physical health, mental stability and personality traits.

Unity in diversity is a great strength which will contribute to many innovative ideas to be successful and for solving problems using different viewpoint. Compared to the advantages, the disadvantages are less but when it is not analyzed and rectified, it may lead to serious issues**.**

How to deal with workplace diversity?

HR Managers and Facilitators play a vital role in managing diversity so they should be given diversity awareness training which teaches them to be flexible in their content and delivery to the diverse workers. They must create inclusive policies which should be prior known to the employees once they are recruited. Set of common rules should be framed without any favoritism to any background and must be regularly checked if it is practiced.

Effective communication between the facilitator and employees must be made easy so that every employee issue can be addressed and solved. This can be made possible if the employees are divided into small groups and each group should be led by a facilitator to ensure that each employee is treated equal, given recognition and monitor growth.

A major responsibility of the managers and facilitators is to resolve employee conflicts and reduce attrition which is caused by diversity.

Increase the effectiveness of diversity:

Diversity assists organizations in many ways. If a company is looking for a diverse working place, the chances of recruiting quality candidates are high. One of the methods that can be used is blind recruitment and the company can decide its level of blindness and recruit candidates purely based on their skill. This is an effective way to get hold of talented employees and to captivate job seekers.

Diversity in employees can cover a diversity of clients, increase client satisfaction, break language blockades, promote marketing to a greater extent. Employee engagement must be effective to bring out the best from them and to uplift their innovative ideas.

Create Knowledge sharing system which will let the employees learn new concepts and make communication more powerful. Invite Outside Experts to do a complete analysis on the state of diversity, check for the bias and rectify them.

Women discrimination should be eliminated completely as everyone’s hard work and talent should be valued. Teams become relatively stronger and perform extremely well when there is unity.

Overall a diverse workplace can be a great contribution to the organization and the world when it is encouraged and cultivated properly. Tell us how diversity affects your workplace in the comments below.

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