How to create a good organizational culture?

Good organizational culture is no longer a luxury. A company needs to focus on its culture if it wants to be successful in its endeavors. In Fact, some of the world’s largest corporations make an active effort to improve their culture and motivate their workforce continuously because it pay off with their productivity and overall satisfaction.
Contrary to popular belief, a company doesn’t need large investments to improve its culture. Small changes lead to big things, so here are top 4 ways to improve your organizational culture.

1. Make your employees be a part of something bigger.

It is a researched fact that employee work more enthusiastically and indeed puts that extra bit of effort when they believe they are making a difference. You can start by letting the employees know about the recent achievements and the progress the company is making in the industry, even if it is a negative development. Discuss with the employees how they can align their career growth with the growth of the company.

2. Make it known that their opinions count

It is never healthy to have a one-way communication going top to down always. This will lead to employee dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Encourage opinions from the employees side, insist on feedback and invest in activities such as team lunches that build rapport and good camaraderie and make it known that their opinions count and will, in turn, improve how the company works.

3. Appeal to the employee’s need for belonging and good self-esteem

Every employee will respond positively when colleagues and the company show that they care for the employee’s well being and safety. Investing and providing company benefits, that take care of the employee’s mental health and pamper their senses, have good results. Encourage employees to share a good relationship with their peers and often, having a knowledge sharing system in place to learn from each other helps all the employees grow in their career and the company’s productivity.

4.Remember every employee is a person too

It is of utmost importance to realize employees are also individuals and have their own goals and interests. Allocate some time off their working hours for their personal projects that they believe can help them improve the company’s interests and acknowledge their talents often and appreciate their efforts towards the team and the company. Invest in providing benefits that increase their health and well-being and if necessary, give them some time off too.

Companies with really good work cultures make efforts focussing on their needs unique to their organizations, adapt and respond to changes quickly. So, adopting changes that are specific to the company shows the best results when it comes to improving the company culture.

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