How to create a good employee experience?

Employee experience is very important in the HR/Manager industry. But what do we mean when we talk about employee experience? Is it having the perfectly designed office for the employees to work at or is it having team sports every other day? It is not just the interiors of your office or having a foosball table at your office for the employees to play at, it is everything from culture to how their experience doing the work is (Not the experience of playing foosball)

Experiences that should be cared about in a company are,

  • Employee participation
  • Growth
  • Environment

Employee participation:

In other words, it is called  Team engagement. For a new employee to participate in company activities they first need to gel with the team. There are a lot of icebreakers, one of the best icebreaker I have come to know in recent times is tying balloons over their desk and writing on the balloon “I am new, come to say ‘Hi’ ”. Many may feel awkward, but isn’t overcoming awkwardness the first step to get comfortable?

And the next one is for the managers. They can plan on taking the team out for a casual lunch or dinner. Here, the initiation has to come from the management to help the newbies get along with the team.

Apart from worrying about newbies, there will be some seniors who haven’t gelled with the team yet. Make it easier by talking to them to figure out what is stopping the individual from getting along with the team.

In general, employee participation can be improved with weekly group activities. It helps the employees slip into a more comfortable environment and actively participate as a team. Assign project tasks to teams to improve group activities.


Growth is one of the important factors in terms of employee experience. How? The period during which the employee is a part of the company, if he feels appreciated enough, his satisfaction in terms of the experience will see an increase.

Appreciation is not just about compensation, but appreciations like offering tickets to their favorite play/movie, granting an additional day off and even a sponsored holiday can boost their motivation. They understand that their satisfaction is valued by you and your actions will leave a positive impact on their experience.

Another type of growth many look forward to while they work but often overlooked is their knowledge growth. If given more opportunity to explore new skill sets and even some assistance to grow, their experience will be better. Career growth is directly proportional to the knowledge they gain through experience which is again proportional to the opportunity offered. Managers have to take up the responsibility of creating that opportunity.


By environment, it is not just about the interior looks of the office. Interior elements do matter to a certain level. There are several other important environmental elements to be considered. Improve the experience by providing a work desk that will be exciting to work from. Reports state that open desks and having separate pods to take calls or conduct meetings help the employee have a better experience and in turn, be more productive.

Design the office in such a way, the employee can communicate with everyone on the team. A more interactive space improves their engagement. An interesting point I learned from one of my fellow CEO friends is to have a walk-in time. Once every month, have an open walk-in chat with CEO. This needs no meetings to be scheduled, but instead, the employees can just walk into the room and have a quick chat with the CEO. Depending on the time, probably let the team be aware that each can take a certain time.

This improves the employees’ belief and connects with the company. They will feel important and you can see an increase in their productivity.

To the question, how do you understand all this? using a process to get feedback on these sections and understanding their thoughts over time can help the managers take relatable steps. Considering the feedback seriously will put some trust amongst the team as well.

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