5 fun team building activities for your team

One of the core assets a team can have is their team spirit and a open communication with their supervisor. But research suggests that just over 40% of the workforces are satisfied with their relationship with their peers and supervisors. Animosity and unresponsiveness in a team can be harmful to overall development of the organisation and can cause difficulty with retaining talent and productivity.

At Understandbetter, we think games can be one of the best ways to break the ice, whether its a newbie in the office or a meeting. Games help us get comfortable fast and gives space for open communication. Here are some of the fun activities and games we indulge in to take the edge off.

  1. Funny names: This makes introductions fun, entertaining and creates an immediate rapport with the newbies. Get every member of the team to introduce the person sitting next to them, but with a twist, they will have to add an adjective in front the person’s name that best describes them.

  2. Chinese whisper: Team building can be fun with this age-old game which still wins hands down when it comes to establishing rapport. Pick out any sentence and whisper it to the person sitting next to you. When you reach the end of the line, starting from the last person, say the sentence out loud for everyone to hear. Chances are it has changed meaning with every whisper.

  3. 2 Truths and 1 lie: Along with the notes for the meeting, get your team to come with two fun facts and one fluff fact. The rest of the team should make the lie out from the actual fact and every member takes their chance at making fact. Here is a fun fact for you, grapes explode if you put them in the oven. Now make your own!

  4. Guess names: Hand out small pieces of paper to the team when they come to the meeting and have them draw their favorite logo or animal in 30 seconds. Go in order and guess what is drawn. It is funny how this game transpires and creates an immediate camaraderie.

  5. Two sentences: Have your team write two sentences themselves without their names or identity without showing it to anyone and drop the paper into a common bowl. Now, let each member take a chance picking out a paper at random and guess who the person might be.

These are just ideas that you can easily implement in your office to avoid the initial awkwardness and build rapport immediately. Share in the comments what activities you and team engage at the start of the meetings or when a new team member joins in.

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