How does praising help teams increase productivity?

Praise given to an employee’s work adds more value to his work and makes his life more meaningful. In this unpredictable life, one word of praise for genuine work can give hope to a hopeless person at any point of time in life.

It boosts the employees with motivation, makes them accept new challenges with courage and push them forward without worrying about the obstacles in their path. Praise benefits the workers and the workplace with the list of good things

Happy workplace :

                                 Happiness is like a butterfly effect. When a leader praises the employee for his sincere work, he feels happy, a good connectivity is created between the employee and the manager and he feels free to communicate. A person full of enthusiasm and motivation is infectious, seeing him others get enthusiastic and motivated too. It creates positivity among the workers which in turn produces positive results.

Everybody wants to work in a stress-free environment and it is created by the people with whom you work with. A common attitude among humans is that if there are people to support during tough times, they will easily get rid of their problems. Thus making a happy place to work and increase the overall performance of all employees.

Motivation will never get out of stock :

                                   An effective kind of motivation is self-motivation. Self-motivation arises when there is strong willpower and this can be stimulated by praising his good work. It helps him develop the quality of perseverance, So when an employee decides to be perseverance ceaseless, he will eventually succeed in spite of any difficulty.

Employees will try to keep doing the good work and will strive hard to be true to the word and match their actions according to it. At any point in time, when he gets dejected, his appreciation will be his own mentor and generate self-confidence.It is like self-healing and getting back to the track with a bang.

Recognition becomes an inspiration :

                                      Yearly once or twice, employees can be given an award for their work. Employees will get a recognition in the company and among the co-workers which will boost their self-esteem. Even workers without interest may work hard for this recognition and in due course learn about the work, gain interest and succeed. In this way, an award for a worker becomes an inspiration to other co-workers.

In this way, a healthy competition is created which is always good for the growth and success of a company. Employees will start interacting more with other coworkers, become friends, get to know about their success strategies, implement it in their own style and succeed. In the end, each and every employee will be successful in their career and in their life.

Appreciation costs nothing but its impact is priceless :

                                    In life, the basic need to survive is money but the basic need to live is attaining self-satisfaction by completing the given work perfectly and experiencing how it helps the others’ life. If this is done, you own something which money can’t buy and if all this can be driven by a word of praise then praising employees is the most significant duty of any leader or a manager in a company.

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