How does Google win at having the best work culture?

Google was incorporated today 20 years back. They have come a long way from a garage to a Googleplex and offices all over the world. It is almost magical to read the story of Google and even more awesome to learn about company culture. Google has always been one of the most sought-after employers in the industry and for a good reason that too.

Google nailed having the best organizational culture with:

  • A fun workplace:

Google literally made work fun, from twisty slides for stairs and pool tables for the employees to have fun, they have it all. They take good care of their employees and keep their offices an upbeat environment.

They even have sleeping pods and free food in addition to this. What can we say, Googlers sure know how to have fun.

  • Keeping up with employees’ needs with precise analytics:

Google is an intelligent company. They keep their employee metrics on track and continuously evolve with the employees and their needs. From project oxygen to project Aristotle, they are invested in innovating their workspaces and creating a fun and productive environment for their employees.

Google makes sure that the employees know that they are cared for by Google and aligns itself with the employees’ needs and goals.

  • An intelligent hiring process:

Google has an intensive hiring process, they accept only 2 people out of every 1000 people that apply for a position at Google. Google screens the applicants for their fit with the company culture, colleagues, and mindset other than their technical capabilities.

While this is an intensive and long process, it is important to choose the best employee to join the company. Google takes hiring seriously and makes sure that the new employee is a good fit with the company culture and has a good experience with Google during their time working with google.

  • Get creative:

Googlers have the freedom to pursue their ideas and solve problems innovatively. Google encourages collaboration and gives their employees the freedom to choose how they want to work and choose a way that is best suited to them. Google attracts the best talent and creative minds of our time because they care about their employees’ happiness and wellbeing.

  • One vision for all:

Google vision resonates with all its employees,

When employees have the belief that they are contributing to something they believe in, they work with commitment and interest. That’s exactly what Google does with their vision statement.

What do you think google does right to make their work culture the best? Discuss in the comments.

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