5 Slack apps you will ever need during COVID19

Slack is now the center of communication for many organizations. Running a remote team could be challenging, especially when you have been managing people face-to-face at your office everyday ever since you started your career. This has changed now, and we all are on the same boat.

Today, we are curating the only five Slack apps (mostly free) you would need to run your remote team like a sports team. Here’s how I categorized it for you:

  1. Document sharing
  2. Employee Surveys
  3. Knowledge Sharing
  4. Run meetings
  5. Attendance tracking

A company is always good as its tools. Tools enable people to do things faster and better.

Let’s jump right into the list:

Attendancebot for Slack

Attendancebot allows you to track everyone’s presence in the company via Slack. It also allows your people to apply for leave via Slack, generate payroll reports on Slack and almost everything you need to manage your people’s presence in the company while working from home.

Learn more about Attendancebot for Slack

UnderstandBetter for Slack

UnderstandBetter is the simplest free employee survey app for Slack with anonymous answers to help people report problems easily. People can reply to a survey right within Slack, and even chat it out with the bot. As a manager, you get reports like a ticking clock about how your people are feeling and what the next action items are for you. All magical.

Install UnderstandBetter for Slack

Zoom.us for Slack

We all have used Zoom at least once by now. What was once Cisco Webex’s market, was dethroned by Zoom for its usability, stability and integrations. With Zoom for Slack, you can setup meetings with your peers right within Slack with a simple /slash command.

Install Zoom.us for Slack

Google Drive for Slack

This app is very specific to the G Suite users. I’ve been using this extension whenever I want to share a file with my people, and it has saved me a ton of time. At least the time it takes to load a document on the browser. I believe this will help you too. Same kind of extension is also available for Office 365 customers as well.

Install Google Drive for Slack

Disco for Slack

You gotta celebrate your team for what they’re doing. One of the best way I know right now to celebrate people on Slack is via this cute app called Disco. The makers are humble, the app just works out of the box, and boy do they have a dashboard to show statistics of the celebrations you’ve done.

Install Disco for Slack

These are the tools I have been using for over six months now, and it has worked out really well for our company. Considering most of the tools like UnderstandBetter are free for teams up to 20, the stitches in my pocket are still intact.

Quick Note: We recently made UnderstandBetter free for teams of up to 20 people. With UnderstandBetter, you can run surveys, get suggestions, and detailed reports with auto-analyzed action items for free. Hit me up if you need some help. I am up for a quick chat with you.

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