Your favorite employee engagement app for Slack and Microsoft Teams is now free!

We’re happy to announce that we’re making UnderstandBetter, the most powerful employee engagement and survey platform for remote teams, free for all. Everything that we’ve ever built, or paywalled, is now available for teams of size 20. And you pay only when you grow beyond that.

Until now, if you were a manager of a small remote team and if you wanted to use UnderstandBetter, you had to subscribe to one of our paid plans. We believe that we should lessen the strain on your opex, to help you focus on managing your remote team better, to become a better manager.

This means, remote teams can now run free surveys on Slack & Microsoft Teams with our already existing integrations. We want everyone to be able to get access to a platform that would help them understand their remote teams better.

If you were a team of 20 people or below, your account will now be moved to free plan automatically. We are also reducing the price of our paid plan from $5 per user/month to just $2 per user/month, effective immediately.

At UnderstandBetter, we’re trying to help as many companies as possible to run their remote teams efficiently. We really wish you stay safe, and well.

If you have any queries or need some more information, just reach out to your friends at our support team. Love this? Start here.

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