Extensive list of mistakes manager do during one-on-one

Over the past few years, we have helped managers run better one-on-one meetings, essentially backed by the data they have in UnderstandBetter. We have helped them talk specific pain points that matter to the person on the other side.

We recently ran a study with some of our managers, and we found some common and unique mistakes that many said they have done during their one-on-one meetings, but have grown out of it now.

Here is an extensive list of mistakes managers make in one-on-one:

  1. Taking calls during the meeting
  2. Starting the meeting on-time
  3. Not ending the meeting on-time
  4. Not focusing or listening to what they are saying
  5. Not knowing what to ask during the meeting
  6. Hearing the same complain again during the one-on-one
  7. Not being honest about the situation they are in
  8. Not being careful about what you say
  9. Being completely quiet during the meeting
  10. Not discussing about a possible solution they can work with
  11. Arranging a one-on-one only when there is a problem in the company
  12. Not noting down the list of things the other person is saying
  13. Not asking them what help they need from the company

This is a developing list of mistakes managers do during a one-on-one meeting. We will keep updating this as time goes by.

Need help in running better one-on-one with your team? Reach out to us to try UnderstandBetter.