Apps and Products that helps you get things done easier in your organization

Every manager who cares about their company, wants to optimize their workflow to make people’s lives easier and better. Today, every employee in the organization does not want to just follow the orders of their managers. Instead, they want to be heard and they expect the managers to act on their feedback to improve the work culture.

This list contains products that are very straightforward and gets the work done for the people in the team.

Team Collaboration; Slack and Discord;

These are the apps that makes it easier for people to talk (chat) to each other easily. So when someone sends a message to someone, they are sure that the message got delivered and everything around a messaging platform is done just right for people to trust.

File Sharing; Dropbox, Box and Google Drive;

People would like to share files without having to worry about performance, and checking whether the files are getting synced as expected. Dropbox, Box and Google Drive gets this done without any issues. Especially with features like LAN sync on Dropbox, files sync without having to consume internet bandwidth all the time.

HR Tools; UnderstandBetter, BambooHR and Officevibe;

Products that makes people’s lives more insightful and gives them a voice in the company for their managers to hear. The ones that do one thing best and they just work;

Team Management; Asana, Allt and Basecamp;

Products that enables people to stay in sync with their tasks and activities with the company better;

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