Announcing UnderstandBetter 3.0

Best teams are run by great managers. These managers understand their people better. They make informed decisions based on data, and UnderstandBetter helps them do just that.

From the time we decided to spin off UnderstandBetter into a separate company, we have made extensive changes to the product, onboarded thousands of people and set a completely new roadmap.

From the time we on-boarded our first customer, we have been spending so much time asking for their feedback and gathered everything to create a solid roadmap to on-board the next few thousand customers.

We started building the product from scratch last year around the same time, and I think we have the gene of an elephant! (where they travel the same path traced the previous year, and this sense is passed on from an elephant to elephant). Sit down and let me tell you why.

Last year we rebuilt the platform to align with the product vision as we were starting fresh, and we loved it! It was fresh and speaking to our users. A quick look into our product journey.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the next big version of UnderstandBetter that unlocks new, more data for managers, and a unified design language across UnderstandBetter.

The new version allows the managers to achieve that single goal they would achieve while using UnderstandBetter: Clarity of data about their team.

Brand new design for a lightning fast platform

Getting to the data that you need about your team, that helps you take better decisions faster, has been our focus. To do that, our team has been pumping in so much efforts to keep the code very lightweight, still achieving that performance you would expect from a product like ours.

Today, we are in the middle of a huge change to the platform that we would continuously invest in for the months to come.

As a first update, we are releasing the new design. We have updated our design language system to reflect the goals of the platform.

The elements, primary and secondary colors used in the product have all taken an update. We did extensive research before framing our new design language system. We will let our design team talk more about it in the next few posts.

What we want people to see, where we want them to focus has all been made easier — the right amount of importance to the key areas and subtly showcasing other elements to reflect our vision.

This is more than just a design change

On top of the new interface, we have introduced new features and functionality updates. These minor updates make a huge difference in the way managers would consume information on the platform, ultimately helping our customers get what they exactly want.

Let me give you a preview of the new design.


This is a glimpse of how the new design is going to be. With that said, there are going to be back to back releases and updates on the product, and this is the reason why we have gone silent in our product updates.

While these updates are for the managers using the platform, the team member also got some huge updates in 3.0.

What’s next for UnderstandBetter

After a few months of testing with our beta customers, UnderstandBetter 3.0 is now available to everyone. Starting with this release, we’re going to be doing what we call “micro-updates”.

These updates are pushed every single week, and we are committed to improving the performance of the platform further everyday.

We are working on something huge and something that would radically change the way you would work with your team’s data! More on that soon.

Ultimately, being a great leader is isn’t about using more tools to perform one task. It is about using a tool that would help you be great at what you do.

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