Three steps to launch an employee engagement strategy

To run a successful organization and business, we need to have three E’s checked. An Effective overall strategy, Excellent leaders, and Engaged employees. And engaged employees are the backbone to achieve the other two E’s.

Therefore when you bring your employees on board, you can change the overall game and uplift your business to higher altitudes of success. So let’s see more about the role of employee engagement and the best strategies to keep your employees actively engaged all year around.

How important is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the factor that decides the productivity, turnover, efficiency, customer retention rate, and the overall success of an organization.

Employee engagement is crucial because it plays an important role in the Service-profit chain. Profit and growth are primarily achieved by client loyalty, which is the result of customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is influenced by the worth of services provided to customers by the employees. Worthy services can be offered only when the employee is happy, loyal, and productive.

When you offer amazing service, it produces several loyal customers, resulting in revenue growth and profits. That’s why it’s necessary for every leader in a company to grasp the service-profit chain by taking proper care of every employee and customer.

The three steps to launch the best employee engagement strategy

Step 1: Assign them the right job role, give proper training, and offer growth.

It’s not only about hiring the best talents; it is also placing them in the right roles. Only when the employees work in a suitable role, you can achieve talent retention. Every plant grows only when it is planted in an appropriate environment. Similarly, employees engage and bloom only when they work in a job role they love. When you align employees in the right role, aligning them with the company role becomes easy, and success becomes big.

Giving Individual attention like assigning a mentor is essential. When you analyze each employee individually, you get to know about their tendencies and areas they are best at well in advance during the training period and guide them accordingly.

Proper training is crucial for understanding and removing obstacles. Training can unbox the vulnerable points of employees that need to be taken care and rectified.

This way, you will find the right approach to improve their engagement, which will ultimately increase their productivity, morale, and satisfaction. You can iterate their career path accordingly and help them give their best effortlessly.

Step 2: Check often and take steps accordingly

Keeping your employees satiated requires a smart approach. Managers need to know what matters for an employee and what will make them stay engaged. Engagement stops when an employee feels disinterested with the work he does. But how will you know that? Feedback is the best way to check on your employees. Roll out surveys to know from your employees. Have work reviews regularly and provide meaningful feedback.

Using feedback, you can find out the factors that caused disengagement, analyze their work, remove their sore spots so that disengagement becomes least, and productivity becomes maximum.

Appreciate and reward your employee’s work to keep their engagement consistent.

Step 3: Don’t forget to have fun

One important element that keeps employees engaged is the experience they get at your organization. And having fun at the workplace can be a game changer. Happy employees work more and contribute more.

Imagine your employees waking up happily on a Monday morning and looking forward to the fun that they are going to have at the office! Cool right. So conduct team building activities that will help employees mingle with each other more.

This will lead to camaraderie, enhanced employee satisfaction, and improved level of creativity among your employees.

Here are a few ideas to have fun at work

  • Play games and try to involve even the managers

  • Celebrate festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries.

  • Team lunches, movies, and tours.

  • Encourage friendly competition and create opportunities for employees to find their workplace BFFs.

  • Decorate your workplace

  • Offer some group self-development programs like yoga, workout.

  • Allot time for creativity

  • Build a hall of fame

  • Plan for a charity drive

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Try out these ideas and create a happy workplace. When employees are in a happy environment, they improve their skill set faster, quality of work becomes high, tend to stay longer, comes up with creative ideas and looking out for other opportunities becomes minimal.

All put together engaged employees is all a workplace requires to be successful. Engaged employees are the tunnel that lets in all the profits to your organization.

So are your employees engaged? If yes, Great! Check regularly, ensure sustainability, and refrain from the diminishing effect on engagement. If No, it’s fine! Follow these simple steps and see how things work out magically.

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