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The Employee Satisfaction Surveys tools have evolved over the years. Today, companies are looking at tools that are intelligent, real-time and well designed that can help HR managers get the maximum value out of these ESS tools.

Zarca is a good tool for running employee engagement surveys, but the fact that the reports are majorly custom built manually exposes your company’s data to a third-party you should trust.

UnderstandBetter solves this problem of back and forth communication between the managers and the employees, but giving you a real-time reporting dashboard that is easy to access on both web and mobile. So as the employees fill in their surveys, you as a manager get real-time data about the responses and with suggestions on what action you can take on those responses.

What does UnderstandBetter offer?

With over 100 power-packed features on the platform, there are a few features that we have seen work really well for managers across the globe, who rely on UnderstandBetter to keep their employees engaged and run employee engagement surveys.

  1. Real-time reporting dashboard
  2. Ability to schedule surveys for groups of people
  3. Get real-time suggestions about the responses collected from the employees
  4. Weekly reports about employees
  5. Department based reporting
  6. 400+ pre-built questions you can already choose from
  7. Industry-standard ESS Survey Metrics tracking
  8. 93+ more features that managers love

What happens when you implement UnderstandBetter at your organization?

Cut down time managers spend in generating and analyzing reports of surveys. This has been one of the biggest advantage of UnderstandBetter for managers across the world.

Besides cutting down over 100+ hours worth of work for managers every month, UnderstandBetter also does something more:

  1. Cost of implementation is exponentially lesser when compared to other enterprise tools
  2. Uncover insights you might not have heard of before about your people
  3. In-depth analytics and suggestions that gives you direction on what to address first in the company

Some case-studies of companies using UnderstandBetter

10% increase in happiness score every quarter for companies using UnderstandBetter.

How did that happen you ask? Our state-of-the-art AI sends our questions that are most relevant for people for their corresponding job role. So people know that they are getting questions that are personalized for them. This in-turn allows the managers to discover issues and solve them for the people of the company.

What can UnderstandBetter Platform do for you?

Employees who are engaged to the company and can voice out the views have higher satisfaction rates, increased productivity and lower turnover rates.

Here are some five benefits of employee engagement when using UnderstandBetter for your company:

  1. Higher retention rates; the most significant advantage of employee engagement activities in your company is the increase in the retention rates for the people of your organization;
  2. Increased productivity; engaged employees are much more productive than the people who are not engaged in the company;
  3. Less absentee count; people who are highly engaged in the company are present at the office than finding a reason to take time off pretty often;
  4. Company loyalty; engaged employees are loyal to the company they work for;
  5. Higher profitability; satisfied employees utilize their entire working hours to do their job well; this ultimately allows the company to grow and become more profitable;

What can I do next?

For you to run your employee engagement activities efficiently, you need a software that can put this on autopilot. UnderstandBetter helps improve your employee engagement rates with automated survey questions, detailed reports on who needs your attention first in the company and much more than you might have a blind spot on in your own company.

UnderstandBetter is currently being used by thousands of people across the world to keep their workspace healthy. Try UnderstandBetter free for 30 days in your company.

UnderstandBetter - the only employee engagement software you need for free.

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