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By now, it is clear that leaders and managers are focusing on employee engagement in their companies. Workplace happiness and employee engagement have proved to be the differentiating factor for many companies across the globe.

The first step in employee engagement is to listen to your people and make sure you answer them. However, running such activity on a week-on-week basis is hectic and is time-consuming as well. Let us help you understand what exactly is employee engagement and how you can automate it like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a set of activities that you do to improve your workspace condition for all the people of your company. These activities have a direct impact on productivity, employee stickiness and overall growth of the company in the longer run.

Companies who are committed to keeping their people happy either use an employee engagement software or perform activities around it. This allows them to retain people over a long period, and grow exponentially in the industry.

What is not employee engagement?

Employee engagement is not employee satisfaction, employee happiness or employee motivation. It is about making sure you make your employees feel like they are cared for, and you do something about it.

What can employee engagement do for you?

Employees who are engaged to the company and can voice out the views have higher satisfaction rates, increased productivity and lower turnover rates.

Here are some five benefits of employee engagement for your company:

  1. Higher retention rates; the most significant advantage of employee engagement activities in your company is the increase in the retention rates for the people of your organization;
  2. Increased productivity; engaged employees are much more productive than the people who are not engaged in the company;
  3. Less absentee count; people who are highly engaged in the company are present at the office than finding a reason to take time off pretty often;
  4. Company loyalty; engaged employees are loyal to the company they work for;
  5. Higher profitability; satisfied employees utilize their entire working hours to do their job well; this ultimately allows the company to grow and become more profitable;

What software can I use for employee engagement?

For you to run your employee engagement activities efficiently, you need a software that can put this on autopilot. UnderstandBetter helps improve your employee engagement rates with automated survey questions, detailed reports on who needs your attention first in the company and much more than you might have a blind spot on in your own company.

UnderstandBetter is currently being used by thousands of people across the world to keep their workspace healthy. Try UnderstandBetter free for 30 days in your company.

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