Easiest way to collect actionable feedback from your employees. Period.

UnderstandBetter uses emotional intelligence to gather actionable feedback from your own employees - in minutes not weeks. Extremely simple. Nothing complex.

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Why UnderstandBetter

UnderstandEngine has been learning, for over three years, the techniques of being receptive to the emotional changes of people.

Individual Attention

Intelligent AI tunes itself to the nuances of every employee and generates a user model for every individual.

Actionable Insights

With the responses from the employees, UnderstandEngine develops insights & actionables to boost employee engagement.

Two-way Communication

The employees can now provide feedback on how their issues were assessed by the manager.

Advanced Learning

With continuous learnings from the employee's responses, UnderstandBetter optimizes your overall experience.

Real-time Dashboard

Identify issues quickly and in time with a progressive dashboard that is extremely simple to use.

Powerful Dashboard

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses with analytics that UnderstandBetter produces from your own employees.

Drive data informed change and decisions in your company.

Right insights at the right time.

It's important to listen to your employees and keep them engaged. But managers have more responsibilities more than ever. UnderstandBetter, powered by UnderstandEngine simplifies employee engagement, keeps it meaningful & only improves with time.

  • Individual Attention
  • Actionable Insights
  • Quick solution road-map
  • Everything automagically works

AI that learns with you & everyone

Trained with thousands of data points and hundreds of humans, UnderstandEngine works every waking second understanding and customizing itself for your organization.

  • Learns from custom touch-points
  • Builds independent user-models for every user
  • Decisions are backed by numbers, not just science
  • Suggests prioritized actions for your team

Just three steps to take off

Using such a powerful platform in an enterprise environment has never been this easy. With UnderstandBetter, it is extremely simple to go from problem to progress.

  • Sign up for UnderstandBetter
  • Feed in the required data
  • Get actionable insights

Is UnderstandBetter a survey platform?

Yes. But Better.

UnderstandBetter utilizes state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to stimulate employee interaction within a company. The platform learns about the users & customizes itself for every individual from their responses.

You deserve UnderstandBetter.

Be the company your employees love. UnderstandBetter helps you transform your company with employee feedback and actionable insights.