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World's most powerful people analytics platform.

UnderstandBetter is a simple, powerful and the most insightful people analytics platform. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), you get the most accurate information about your organization in real-time.

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      Powered by UnderstandEngine

      UnderstandBetter comes with the most advanced and well-trained Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system.

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      UnderstandBetter is for your entire organization

      Your employees communicate better with UnderstandBetter.

      Real-Time Feedback

      People tend to give truly honest and valuable feedback when the right question is asked at the right time.


      One-on-One's helps managers and team member sit down to have an open conversation.

      Town Halls

      Get your entire company together. Same day, same time, same place. Let them have a real-time Ask me Anything session.


      A kind of "Facebook Memories for Companies". Automatically gathered moments of the company's journey, date of founding, employee joining anniversary.

      Slack Integration

      The Slack integration seamlessly ties UnderstandBetter into your already existing workflows and redirects you to the app when necessary.

      Expert Curated Questions

      Question Schedules are put together by industry experts who research, analyze and understand people's emotions. Helping you achieve maximum results.

      Actionable Analytics

      Get real-time analytics on how the entire company is feeling. Get actionable tips from the community of CEOs and HR Executives.

      Anonymous Responses

      People tend to open up about the real problem they face, when they are given a mask. If they choose, they keep their identity hidden.

      Easy Implementation

      Using UnderstandBetter with your team is straight-forward and simple. No special learning curve needed.


      Built by the best engineers on the planet, all your data is secure, and is backed up 5 times a day to keep you away from data loss.

      State of the art technology

      UnderstandBetter is built on top of state of the art technologies, allowing us to scale further and look at the broader future.

      Uncover the blindspots in your company.

      We reduce the threshold for people giving continuous feedback.

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