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Why Understandbetter would be perfect for you!


Realtime Feedback

People tend to give truly honest and valuable feedback when the right question is asked at the right time.



Get your entire company together. Same day, same time, one place. Let them have a real-time Ask me Anything session.

one on one


One-on-One's helps managers and team member sit down to have an open conversation.

A platform you can actually trust and love.

You finally have a platform that everyone in your organization will actually love.

Powered by UnderstandEngine

UnderstandEngine is by far the most complex intelligence system we've ever created. The engine
works 24x7x365 to gather thoughtful insights from various sources to give you actionable insights. The more you use it, the more
it learns from you. The more it learns from you, the more it extends actionable insights for you. Consider
UnderstandEngine as your very own highly paid HR Consultant sitting right next to you, every single day.

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The engagement platform that actually engages


Breaking the barrier to give valuable feedback is no more. Finally, UnderstandBetter is a platform for you and rest of the company will love.

By collecting responses to questions framed by intelligent machines trained by experts, bringing back actionable insights into the company is essential.

UnderstandBetter does that for you, in real time.

Autopilot for employee engagement

With tools like Anonymous feedbacks, suggestion boxes, townhalls, one-on-ones, meeting notes and happiness indicators, UnderstandBetter is one single platform that you need.

Seamless Slack Integration

We've partnered with Slack to make it easier for teams to have open communication. It's available to all teams who use Slack to make their work easier. And, it's as easy as clicking on a button.

Uncover the blindspots in your company.

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