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Individual Attention

Employees receive unique questions selected by our engine based on previous responses. So, if Ben is struggling with his peers - we'll identify and drill down on that.

Actionable Insights

Each manager receives action plans based on their teams responses. If Sarah's team is over worked, we suggest fun team activites or a guide to project management!

Real-Time Stats

Don't want to wait for our engine to crunch numbers? Just log in and view mood scores, engagment activities and employee pulse. Make better decisions with cold, hard data.

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We built UnderstandBetter to help managers make better decisions. Decisions based on feedback, not hunches.

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Management is a science, not an art. Great management can be learned with the right nudges.

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Companies grow exponentially. People don't. Unless they have the right tools that facilitate growth.

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Revolutionizing HR with AI

HR industry is growing out of its old-school techniques into tech-driven approaches, and AI is the hot topic amongst all.

The involvement of Artificial Intelligence has its advantages in the HR industry, primarily because of HRs dealing with a lot of essential data.

  • Artificial Intelligence involvement in analyzing HR data
  • Struggles faced due to old-school techniques
  • How data should be represented to serve useful

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