Really know people.

Go from being a good manager to great manager. UnderstandBetter makes office surveys impactful.

Power, packed with beauty

Individual Attention

Intelligent AI tunes itself to the nuances of every employee and generates a user model for every individual.

Actionable Insights

With the responses from the employees, UnderstandEngine develops insights & actionables to boost employee engagement.

Two-way Communication

The employees can now provide feedback on how their issues were assessed by the manager.

See the difference

You growing as a manager, starts here.

Individual Feedback Mechanism

After the learning period, everyone in the company starts receiving a unique question related to their job role.

  • Individual Attention
  • Actionable Insights
  • Quick solution road-map
  • Everything automagically works

Know what to talk to your team

As a manager, you get to know what points to focus on during your conversation with someone in need. Go prepared like never before.

  • Know what to speak before a 1-1
  • Get suggestions on what to do next
  • Keep a tab on your entire team's engagement
  • See yourself grow as a better manager

Just three steps to take off

Using such a powerful platform in an enterprise environment has never been this easy. With UnderstandBetter, it is extremely simple to go from problem to progress.

  • Sign up for UnderstandBetter
  • Feed in the required data
  • Get actionable insights

You account for 70% variance in
employee engagement

Great managers build great teams. UnderstandBetter helps you become a better manager by continuously providing you valuable data to make decisions faster.

Gallup confirms that consistent communication is connected to higher engagement rates in a team/company.

Understanding people,
made better.