Remarkably powerful people intelligence.

UnderstandBetter helps you understand your people, better. Our emotional intelligence software learns the nuances of your team to help everyone stay connected even as your company grows.

Why AI for Employee Engagement

UnderstandEngine has been learning, for over three years, the techniques of being receptive to the emotional changes of people.

Real-time Dashboard

Identity issues and get what you should do next to improve employee engagement.

Individual Attention

Our emotionally intelligent AI can tune itself to the nuances of each of your employees.

Advanced Learning

We're always learning from your employees touch-points & feedback to continuously optimize your experience.

10x Human Speed

Your company can start at 10 people and scale to a 100, UnderstandEngine will climb right along side you.

Actionable Insights

UnderstandEngine make sense of the responses provided by your people & suggests actions every single day.

Powerful Dashboard

Analyze the strengths, priorities and summaries of your employee's feedback. Get to the root cause of it right away.

A personal HR for each employee, at the cost of a cuppa.

Get suggestions that matter to people

Keeping your team engaged & constantly listening to them is important. But, you are super busy. With UnderstandBetter's powerful reporting engine you get real-time insights into what people in your organization feel about the company.

  • Individual Insights
  • Powerful action points
  • Quick solution roadmap
  • Everything automagically works

AI that learns with you & everyone

Trained with thousands of data points and hundreds of humans, UnderstandEngine works every waking second understanding and customizing itself for your organization.

  • Learns from custom touch-points
  • Builds independent user-models for every user
  • Decisions are backed by numbers, not just science
  • Suggests prioritized actions for your team

Just three steps to UnderstandBetter

Using such a powerful platform in an enterprise environment has never been this easy. With UnderstandBetter, it is extremely simple to go from problem to progress.

  • Sign up for UnderstandBetter
  • Feed in the required data
  • Get actionable insights
  • Talk to your people to address issues

Is UnderstandBetter a survey platform?


UnderstandBetter utilizes state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to stimulate employee interaction within a company. The platform also utilizes data from a variety of touch-points to learn about the users.

You deserve UnderstandBetter.

You are just three steps away from getting incredible people analytics.