Powerful Employee Survey Platform.

Collect, analyze and take action on the feedback that your employees are giving you in one powerful platform.

Features that work hard for managers

Real Insights

Real time insights into what people in your organization are facing.

Automatic Reports

Automatic reports helps managers address the most important thing first.

Manager Dashboards

Dashboard designed specifically for the managers and their metrics.

Anonymous Answers

Allow users to submit anonymous answers with complete privacy.

Individual Suggestions

Individuals get survey questions relevant to their job role. Not others.

Customized Scheduling

Run surveys automatically based on the best time for your people.

Weekly Notifications

Get notified about the most important issues you need to address, weekly.

Slack Integration

Using Slack? Let people answer directly from Slack effortlessly.

Access to Headcount

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Better Decisions Start with Better Insights

UnderstandBetter PeopleCore

People are unique. You need data to understand them better to serve them better in your organization. Join over 100 organizations using our new PeopleCoreβ Analytics Engine, where people insights are made extremely simple.

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Your team needs UnderstandBetter, now.

We built UnderstandBetter to help managers make better decisions. Decisions based on feedback, not hunches.

Grow as managers

Management is a science, not an art. Great management can be learned with the right nudges.

Grow as companies

Companies grow exponentially. People don't. Unless they have the right tools that facilitate growth.

Revolutionizing HR with AI

HR industry is growing out of its old-school techniques into tech-driven approaches, and AI is the hot topic amongst all.

The involvement of Artificial Intelligence has its advantages in the HR industry, primarily because of HRs dealing with a lot of essential data.

  • Artificial Intelligence involvement in analyzing HR data
  • Struggles faced due to old-school techniques
  • How data should be represented to serve useful

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